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Monday, February 11, 2008

Two Good Reasons People Don't Go to Church

Jan Crouch, of TBN

Benny "Gumby" Hinn

Yes, I am a Christian but I don't wear the label "Evangelical," possibly because of the two charlatans pictured above. The reason I would never vote for Huckabee is because he has asked Kenneth Copeland for funds.
While I absolutely, vehemently abhor the "Name it and Claim it" or Prosperity Preaching, (and I cannot make that statement strongly enough!!!), at the same time the Constitution is clear on the separation of church and state. There are six "ministers" currently being investigated for nefarious use of funds collected from abused congregants, this is the other side of the separation coin. Appoint an outside source to do any sort of investigation, but the government is strictly prohibited from doing so.
Add Creflo Dollar to the list of charlatans that Christ would've thrown off the temple steps. These folks are chasing the dollar (no pun intended, Creflo!) and justifying the ownership of one or more mansions, one or more private jets, one or more limos or expensive cars; and in some cases, one or more sexual preferences.
It's no wonder, with the advent of TV, more and more people are throwing their money at these creeps, all the while hoping that God will love them enough to throw a few dollars their way.
Very, very sad....(But government, stay out of it!) There needs to be a "Consumer Beware" warning at the beginning of every program on TBN.


Lois Grebowski said...

Gracie, on a trip to Florida I landed on a station that aired a televangelist who sold "holy water." I was so angered by this...All those people allowing themselves to be taken in by such sad.

Hard work, a good life and grace of God are what truly makes our earthly lives successful -- not some holy water, or other empty promise.

Linda said...

I find it very sad that so many people are taken in by these charlatans. I can remember my grandmother watching religious programs on TV and wanting to send in even just a few dollars to help the cause but the cause she was helping wasn't the promotion of Christ but the promotion of some other guy's bankroll.

People can be so easily duped in the name of God. Hopefully the people who take advantage like that have their own special place when they cross over!

And you're right, the government needs to stay out of it but if they don't investigate who will as all branches of the courts, etc. are government in one form or another.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Gracie, I think that you are right...some people see these preachers as the "Church". That is so so wrong!! There are some good ones on the TV though like Charles Stanley!! He is very good and not at all like those you were talking about. We have a free country where religion (so far) can go anywhere it wants. i just hope it stays this way.


Mo said...

I think I may go as that Jan trainwreck for Halloween!
(Do you think I could get people to give me money if I did? ...perhaps people would pay me to NOT dress up like that...)


{God is in your heart, not in a hair-do.}

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

we give where we know it does good, and only where we know!!!

smiles, bee

jenny-up the hill said...

I once saw a woman speaking in tongues on a show that big pink hair was on...I thought it was strange that the only time she spoke in tongues was when she noticed the camera was on her...I don't speak in tongues so I may be wrong here but isn't that supposed to be spirit-led...not camera led?? She also refused to give a kid part of the prayer cloth she was giving away..she said he was too young to have something so the kids was leaving the stage, I saw Big Pink Hair slipping some fabric into his hand! lol!! Gee Whiz...

Sarge Charlie said...

I always checked my Mothers check book to see how much she was sending to these jerks, they steal from the elderly and disabled, there must be a special place for them in hell.