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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Random

1. All the fires in California? Well, we are near the Piute fire. We had mountain T-storms which helped with the fire containment, only to cause major flooding in the Lake Isabella area! Nature is one big mess this year! Several firemen were trapped where they had been putting out the fires only to get stuck in the muddy roads...
2. I have approximate 1 1/2 hrs of watering outside because our sprinkler system doesn't work well and I have a gazillion hanging and potted plants. When it's real hot, the dogs sit inside, looking out the doggie door laughing at me, out in the heat. I swear they're laughing...
3. I have a alien tomato plant that sprung up out of nowhere in a shady flowerbed. And it's starting to put out flowers! It's no where near my other tomatoes so who knows what goes on after "lights out."
4. We had dinner last Sunday at "Famous Dave's BBQ." It's new in town and was our first trip. We usually don't to chain restaurants but the kids insisted that we'd love it. I ordered the pulled pork and ribs, with cole slaw and green beans. Would you believe I had four meals off that stuff?
It was absolutely delicious. We took a piece of pecan pie home. I hate to say this but it was even better than my mom's.
5. Hubman and I are both gimping around with stiff limbs. Both of us get up out of a chair and walk like we're 80 years old! Both of us have bad knees and hips. Maybe we can get a discount on replacements...At least we can laugh about it.
6. Speaking of aches and pains - I have a sink in the corner of the kitchen. I have always loved corner sinks. This one is so far back from the windows I can't open them without standing on a stool and reaching w-a-y over the sink! I pulled down some butt-ugly wallpaper but because of where the window placement is, I can't reach the places that need to be re-papered! Not even on a ladder. I've also made some valences and am replacing the mini-blinds but can't reach anything! I tried kneeling on the counter top but my knee and hip hurt so bad I could barely get back down. I'm currently looking for a very skinny younger handyman to finish the paper and curtains and hang the blinds for me. Any Keebler Elves available?
7. My youngest and I are going to fly back to Oklahoma in time to help daughter #1 move into her new house. In August. In Oklahoma. In the middle of August....
8. My cockatiel, Spike, needs his wings clipped again. He's the little guy who escaped last fall and flew off clear down the road. Hubman was able to find him by whistling. Now, he thinks it's funny to come flying out of his room and landing on our shoulders. Ha, ha... If you ask him if he's a "geezer bird, "he shakes his head, "yeah....." Daughter #2 gave him to me in 1992 so he's older than some of my grandkids.
9. Watched BB10 tonight. (Mo does a wonderful recap.) Brian was voted off unanimously tonight. Just a little bit too cocky for his own good....
10. I keep telling myself that I need a life. Watching BB10 three nights a week? Gadzooks!
11. I have discovered the joys of Mojitos. I can't drink much alcohol because of surgery I had. Sugars go straight to the gut so a couple of healthy sips of a cocktail and I have to stop...But I had a Marguerita the other night and managed to drink half of it before giving it to hubman. And this is a good thing because....Well, they tell us to drink red wine - and St. Paul said a "little wine is good for the stomach's sake...." I have absolutely no palate for wine. All of it's good if you throw in some 7-Up. Okay, those of you who appreciate good wine, just ignore that!
12. Good news! It's only going to be 99 degrees tomorrow. Whooopie!
13. I have about 200 boxes in this house that are going to storage, come hell or high water! This mess is a place, you know? Okay, I tend to exaggerate a bit here and there....but we still have stuff that has no home, except in boxes in the living room. ARGHHHHH! And it's driving me crazy (and it's a short trip!)
Happy Thursday, y'all.


elaine said...

tell me about the gimping around! ugh, and we're only in our 40's! btw, the url you posted on the TT is wrong, it had two http's in it, so you might want to post again :) happy TT!

Anonymous said...

My girls love Famous Dave's.. so do their boys. They load you up on food. We order the family meal thing and the boys eat and eat and eat... there's a reason it arrives to the table on a garbage pail lid...LOL!

Mojitos can be good. I can't tolerate alcochol well, either!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Not playing this week, but wanted to comment. I laughed out loud with the dogs laughing at you while you are out watering. Take a deep breath sweetie. You like sounds perfectly normal to me. Just saying. Big hug and lotsa lovies. :)

Denise Patrick said...

I love Famous Dave's, too. My office usually uses them to cater our office Summer Social. Great food!

Thanks for the interesting TT!

Linda said...

Ah yes, the old "get up out of a chair and barely move routine"! Been there and doing that only my issue isn't my knees and hips, it's my back. Ah, the joys of growing older!

I have to go out and water my abundance of plants every day, too, but it doesn't take nearly as long as yours do and I have the added benefit of not having any dogs laughing at me in the process! I just hope that they're okay this weekend while I'm off in Boston with Mags.

Famous Dave's sounds fantastic! Now I could really go for a pulled pork samich and some slaw!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

three nights a week for bb10? me too!

smiles, bee