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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Always Loved Clark Gable...

And here's another reason why:

Clark Gable nearly walked off the set of "Gone With the Wind" because of racism, the New York Post's Page Six reports and an upcoming book reveals. In "Victor Fleming," a bio of the director of the beloved Hollywood epic, Michael Sragow describes how a group of black extras, upset at studio bathrooms with "White" and "Colored" signs, approached Gable.

He got on the phone to (Victor) Fleming, who called the prop master and told him, 'If you don't get those signs down, you won't get your Rhett Butler,' " writes Sragow. "The Signs came down immediately."
A Man of Principle.


Queenie said...

And so handsome too....

Sandy B and Dick said...

Wow...factoid I didn't know! Good for Clark:-)

DrillerAA said...

Thank you for visiting Brain Freeze and for the information about Gardena. I had a long day and decided not to have dinner there this evening. Maybe I'll do lunch there tomorrow. If not that, I will have breakfast or lunch at Schooner or Later which is on Marina Drive.

wooden toys said...

Nice post of him. :)

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

And he was handsome too. That counts for a lot. Big hug. :)

Deborah Wilson said...

"Gone With the Wind". I loved the book and the movie. I liked the character of Scarlett up until she married Rhett. After that, she treated him like crap.

I read in an article a while back that a lot of people were upset with the book's ending, and for a long time after it was published would ask Mitchell "Did Scarlett get Rhett back?" And Mitchell would answer "No - I don't think so."

I think the book ended as it should have. Scarlett got what she deserved.

"My dear - I don't give a damn."

But the public couldn't leave the issue alone. Alexandra Ripley finally wrote a sequel, "Scarlett", and they did get back together..

But I don't know, I just never took up with the notion that Rhett would go for seconds.