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Monday, August 02, 2010

Little Bits and Stuff...

This photo finds us back in Kernville again.  We had horrific wildfires that are just now getting contained, one of which was just north of this spot.  Fox News picked up the story, probably because there was another fire up in Tehachapi, close to the wind farms.   When this photo was taken, we stood on the bridge and watched fire truck after fire truck, along with the Hot Shots, headed up to a fire.  We could just barely see the smoke when we left.  That fire was shut down quickly, and by the fast response, I'm not surprised.  But this one was vicious.  Thankfully, no injuries or worse, just heartbreak over lost homes. 

Our Shih Tsu got her "Elizabethan" collar off Friday.  It was funny watching her, even though we felt sorry for her in her efforts to get around.  She tried to go through the "doggy door," and it was a sight!  And yes, we did open the door for her!  She bumped around a lot but adapted quite well.  I think she kinda liked the fact that the collar was a great way to catch all the doggie snacks!

We're still not certain about our Mini Schnauzer, Zoey.  She has congestive heart failure.  She's on meds but she's losing weight rapidly, even though she continues to have a good appetite.  We go back to the vet on Wednesday.  (Holding my breath...)
  We got the bill for our rent, which includes all utilities.  Our previous summers have been totally out of sight - like $400-$500 for electric.  I tentatively  opened the envelope, expecting to have the vapors, but the electric was $65!!!!  The swamp cooler we had installed has now paid for itself!  It's so dry here we're not bothered by the moisture.  I keep telling hubman that it's good for all of my houseplants.  (My former husband said when he came home at night he felt like he had to grab a vine to swing through the living room.  It's true - I love plants!)

Had a email message on FB from my son's ex (?), completing dragging me and hubman over the coals for all the wicked and evil stuff we've done to my son.  I blocked her from FB.  There's definite mental issues here - and I'm not trying to be hateful. It's the troof.  (For those of you who may not know - he's 42 and a total wreck.)

No plans for the week ahead except a trip to Target for sundries.  Oh, the trip to the vet, too.  I saw a cartoon last week (Pickles- It's the adventures of an older retired couple).  Their daughter asks them to go to dinner with her and her husband, but they pass because they'd miss Jeopardy!  I thought, "Oh, Lord.  Please don't let me get that bad!"

Wishing you blue skies, lollipops and rainbows.... Crap.  Now I've got to go wash out my ears.  I hate that song!
Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

I have a cousin who lives in Calabasas and she was uploading photos to Facebook yesterday. Scary stuff.

Great savings from your swamp cooler. We're much too humid for something like that here. My electric bills for the past few months have been obscene!

Big hugs :)

Anonymous said...

loved the update! Hope the vet visit goes smoothly. I don't have ANY houseplants--I have a black thumb :) Was a great electricity bill--I'd faint if I got one for $65!!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

it's always the mother's fault honey, don't you know? i have blamed myself so much over ocd i can't tell you but when it all comes down to it all i really did was love him and raise him the best i knew how. sarge beat himself up for years too, he thinks it's the dad's fault. bottom line - we are responsible for our own actions. period.

smiles, bee

Sarge Charlie said...

That is a beautiful spot, sorry about the fires, oh well, they are an anuall thing out there.

help me out here, how do you get blue skies and rainbows together.

Sandee said...

Great photograph of you and hubman.

Sorry about your sons x. I just hate that kind of thing.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

Traveling Bells said...

Wash out your are a funny lady!

That low electric bill totally rocks! Love it!

Sending big hugs, honey, from hot Idaho...

Zane D. Clark said...

Good for you on the electric bill.

Wild fires are tough.

It is always the parents faults. You have to let that stuff go.