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Monday, January 30, 2012

A Sad Day

For My Friend Sarge

As most of you know, Charles "Sarge" Cordle has gone home after fighting the valiant fight with cancer.  His many bouts of cancer were caused by the infamous Agent Orange that he was sprayed with, as were so many others, during the Viet Nam war. 

I cannot begin to put on paper what I'm feeling in my heart, but so many, many people have done so eloquently, I'm thankful it wasn't up to me.  As I've said before, I never knew it was possible to love people you've never met, such as Sarge and his beautiful bride, Bonnie, or Miss Bee, as she's known by affectionately.  I guess it's because we all feel safe amongst each other, and have shared our thoughts, hopes, dreams, and disappointments, sorrows and griefs.  When you let someone into your life in this manner you become vulnerable.  But Sarge?  He called it as he saw it, never shirking from opposition, whether it be politics or a enemy armed with a gun.   

He fought for our country and was vilified for it.  When you see a vet, please thank them and let them know you appreciate them.  Sarge, once again, thank you, my friend.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

a sad day indeed honey...

hugs, bee

katherine. said...

Those were eloquent words.

I've loved reading everyone's tributes. It has struck me that his readers covered such a wide demographic.

take care.

Linda said...

Very well put, Gracie, both about Sarge and about it's very possible to form quite a love for those whom you've never had a chance to meet. When you do meet them, though, it's like you're just getting together again after a spell rather than meeting for the first time.

Blogging is bonding in so many ways that a lot of people don't or can't understand until they've done it themselves.

Sarge was truly one of the good guys and this country has lost a patriot of the highest caliber. His voice will be missed in the Blogosphere just as he will be missed in the hearts of all who knew him.

It was a sad day indeed.

Desert Songbird said...

Agent Orange claimed my BIL years ago, long before he reached the age of 55. It was wicked, wicked stuff.

Sarge served his family and his country honorably and with passion. He will be missed.

Traveling Bells said...

Very well said Gracie. I still miss him. I told Bee the other day that I still haven't deleted his name from my phone contacts:).

Have a good day. Big hugs, sweetie...