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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Echoes of Oops...and Thanks!

I added the last three entries from a previous journal so they'd all be on one page but I've gotten everything out of chronological order. Moving on from here...going forward from July '06.

I needed to carry those entries with me because of the emotion they still evoke in me and also to understand that I am learning to move out of grief and embrace life again.

I want to thank some special souls here who have helped me - in no particular order:

Lynne - My precious cousin who's my soulmate. Where would I be without your ears to listen and arms to comfort? You give me the gift of "space" but you never let me take advantage of it. You help me face my demons. You always make it better...
Corinne - it's through your loss and experiences of faith and hope that I realize how blessed we are to have a father who loves us . You have carried Doug's loss on your tiny but oh, so strong shoulders and have done so well.
Leah - You have teaching me perseverence and determination. You are a caring sister and daughter. You are dealing with difficulties in a wise and mature manner. Congratulations on earning your degree. You go, girl!
Erin - You have helped me cross some bridges I would've rather not gone over! We have touched hearts and learned a lot about appreciation! Life on the Sixth floor was a lot more pleasant with your presence.
Faye - You bring laughter and lightheartedness into my life! When life totally sucks, we watch Survivor and Big Brother and escape from "the idiot," "Madame X," and all the others who would steal our joy!!!
Jan - For all the times you could've thrown up your hands and walked away, but you've chosen to stay - for all the times I just didn't have the words and you still tried to listen...
Judy - You've gone through a very difficult past few years and you haven't lost your faith. I'm hanging on by a thread but as Winston Churchill said, "Never, never, never give up!"

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