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Thursday, October 25, 2007


I checked my e-mail yesterday and found this:

Congratulations on your award on The Rising Blogger. It is a site that awards posts, not blogs. Your post from October 23, 2007 titled "California is Burning" won and will be posted tonight by midnight. Since we award posts, not blogs, you might even win again. To encourage your readers to comment on your award, it helps if you make the first comment on our post about your blog, yourself. We ask winners to nominate a post favorite of a fellow blogger. Call it "paying it forward". Neither is a requirement. You have won this award because we truly feel you deserve it. Great post, good job!

I was flabbergasted! I have seen this award at sites whose authors I value highly and was quite unprepared to ever be a recipient. I thank all of the kind folks at The Rising Blogger for their consideration and for this honor.

This is from The Rising Blogger:
The tragedy that the people in California are facing is almost incompressible. It is even tougher on those of us who have loved ones living in the San Diego area. There is a woman who authors a very popular blog who calls herself Amazing Gracie. She is well liked and respected in the blogosphere. Her blog is named Echoes of Grace. She can be funny, topical and very serious. She is dealy serious with her post of the fire titled California is Burning.

She writes, “I have been in all of these areas that are now burning except for the San Diego area of Poway. The Arrowhead fire is approximately 30 miles from my cousin's home - I don't know about how the crow flies. Since this is all mountains, the ash can be carried through the pines and oaks and set the whole mountain on fire. My brother's home is approximately 15-20 miles from the Fountain Valley fire and about 30 miles from the Irvine fire but he is not in any danger. Their cars are covered with soot and ash. Another cousin lives in Santa Clarita but I'm not certain if he's in the path of the fire. I've left an e-mail. I just pray they're safe.”

We at The Rising Blogger will have a good thought for those who are suffering and the brave men and women trying to stop the fire and return California to sanity. We hate the reason you had to write this post, but it is powerfully written and is our Post of the Day.
Posted by Judd Corizan


Desert Songbird said...

It is, indeed, quite stunning when this arrives in your inbox, isn't it? It's always nice to know that your words are appreciated.

BTW - I always appreciate your words!

Linda said...

It's about time that your posts, which are always so wonderful, were recognized. Sad that it takes a tragedy like the California fires to do so but still ...

I hope and pray that all of your relatives and friends are safe and sound and were spared the devastating loss that so many seem to have been hit with.

Asara Dragoness said...

Congratulations! This award is definitely long overdue! *HUGS*

Travis said...

Conratulations my dear. I always enjoy your writing. I hadn't seen this post yet and am looking forward to your words even more now.

Kai said...

Congrats Gracie!

I think it's about time too - your words flow so wonderfully - even when speaking about something so tragic and frightening.

Linda said...

Congratulations on the award. I was thinking about you and the fires and wanted to stop by and she how you were doing, and here you won a great award.

I always enjoy your writings and its wonderful that you have received this recognition.

Hope all your family is safe.

Lynne said...


Thankfully I, my furpersons and my house are O.K. Kathleen's sister, Karen, lives (?) in Running Springs. They have been evacuated for a week and still are not allowed up and don't know if they have a home to go to!

I posted on your Blog Award also. I am so happy for the recognition you have received. Your ability to express what is in your heart and in your soul is beautiful beyond words...