---Alice Abrams

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

If It's Tuesday, I Must Be Ranting!!!

This is the mess we began with. We tore out all of the old
shrubs and the people who bought the land behind us
contributed the stone wall. Okay, I lost my view but
the fence is admittedly nicer even if I can't
see over it!

This is what I have now. We tore out concrete where the
lawn is now. As you can see, Katie is quite happy
having grass for a change!

Begin of Rant...
Okay, you've all lived through my move to a mobile home. You put up with my self-pity and griping. Are you ready for some more?
This time time it's all about electricity.
We have approx. 1740 sq. ft., we keep our A/C set at 82 and don't run it at night;
I wash clothes once a week; run the dishwasher once a week (mainly hand wash);
we don't leave lights burning, etc.
Our electric bill for August was $876.00!!!
We get our bill from the park and not the utility company. I raised our "concerns" with
the park manager and she had the meter re-read and our bill settled at $500.00
Big whoopie. That still cannot be right!
Well, for the last several days our power has been acting real squirrelly. Take one outlet - the outlet would work but the light switch wouldn't. This was occurring in most of the rooms so I was very concerned about a short and a house fire. The electrician can out and, after speaking to
the park manager, determined that the transformer is kaput and it's affecting two of my neighbors as well.
Okay. Fine - not my problem. But then, the electrician the park uses says it is most likely an underground issue and may require tearing up our backyard.
Now, again, you've all heard me whine on and on about how crappy our yard looked, and about our 10' cement block wall and how I've "beautified" it all up with shrubs, plants, flowers, etc.
So now I hear that they may possible have to dig through the yard??? AUGHHHHHHHH!


Desert Songbird said...

Oh, Gracie, the yard looks sooo beautiful, I truly hope they don't need to tear it up, but if it means better electrical efficiency, I suppose it's necessary.


Travis said...

Oh no! Now that you have it looking so nice and serene. I hope all goes well.

Debbie said...

How frustrating! That bill is seriously wrong! We have twice the sq. footage and I run the dishwasher almost every night, etc. and our bill runs between $200and $300.

Hope they get it all figured out without ruining your beautiful back yard.