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Thursday, January 06, 2011

My Resolutions and Other Stuff

I don't usually make resolutions but I figured most of these
would be easy for me, especially the next-to-last one!

This is my very favorite picture of my great-grand, Ryleigh!

Do people not own mirrors anymore???   
Or is her head on backwards?

After all those years working at Knott's I didn't think anything
could shock me when it comes to people's personal appearance.
But this one got me.  That black stuff you see on the lady's head 
and hanging down her back?  IT'S HAIR!  (Or a reasonable facsimile).
Wait - what's reasonable about this mess?

We're off to a good start for the new year.  At least Madame Pelosi had her gavel 
taken away from her.  I just wish Boehner had whacked her with it.  And he kissed
her!  YACK!  That would mean some serious mouth washing with some Jack Daniels!!!


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

ryleigh is adorable! and that woman has some serious back boobies i think, yeesh. the hair skeezes me out on so many levels i had to go wash out my eyeballs!

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, I hope I don't look like that from behind. Will u let me know if I do?

Sweet pic of GGD

Traveling Bells said...

You crack me up. Yes, wish John had whacked Pelosi on the head with the gavel:) That's what she deserves.

Have a great day. Big hugs, honey...

Linda said...

Yep, looks like easy enough resolutions to keep - especially that last one which is the best one that anyone can ever make!

Good Gawd, people go out in public looking like that?? Yeesh! That woman has more back fat than I have boobs!

LAC said...

I do like those resolutions. I have something similar printed and framed at my desk. My favorite part is "This is your life, do what you love and do it often."... and "start doing things you love, stop overanalyzing".
I tend to think too much. lol.

Those two creepy walmart people scare me. Ew.

Grand is adorable! Beautiful name, too.

Regina said...

Aah..this was hilarious!!

Tony McGurk said...

Good Grief, that woman with the backwards boobs!!! I aint never seen nuthin' like that before

Regina said...

Well I have your link up..I really appreciated your comment too..I certainly hope you'll be posting more..after all, it's apparent we have a few things in common! Plenty of the bloggers I know tend to stay away from the political..but I love a good laugh!
My very best to you this weekend!
Oh..I'm from S. Cal (W. Covina)

Barb said...

What Miss Bee said. I need to go wash my eyeballs out, too. I don't do resolutions so that way I won't feel bad when I can't't keep them. But given the right circumstances, I may be able to do obnoxious a time ot two. :]