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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Photo Hunt - Skinny

This young Marine is our grandson, Robby, with his mom and dad (our daughter). Dad is approximately 5'10"' and mom is 5'9", so you can gauge how very tall he is! He grew tall so quickly, he's still waiting for the pounds to catch up with his frame! When he entered boot camp, he had to go on double rations. We're very proud of our young man.

Please check out our host, TNChick and join the Photo Hunt~!


Zsolt said...

wow he is very tall and skinny:)

Me and my crazy mind

Gattina said...

He certainly could put on some weight ! My son was the same but with 6.6 ft and very skinny, but now he is OK and has the right weight.

wirelessbliss said...

wow! he certainly to eat more :)

btw, just joined the fun and mine is up, too..


Mo said...

Dang, that IS skinny!

Sarge Charlie said...

Robbie looks great, a real marine.

crazy working mom said...

Thank you for your service, Robby! :)

Great shot, Gracie.

2cents said...

skinny and tall, thanks for sharing.

Mine is up at 2Cents Worth and
. Hope you can all visit me too. Happy Photo Hunting.

the teach said...

You must be soooo proud! I have a nephew who's a Marine and stationed at Camp Pendleton in California. He spent 6 months in Iraq. I'm SURE your grandson won't have to go thank goodness.

Linda said...

My but he is a tall, skinny, and handsome fella! You must be so proud!

Travis said...

He looks like a Marine to me.

Congratulations! I thank the young man for his service.

Loving Annie said...

May your handsome young grandson Robby be safe, as he proudly serves with the Marines, Gracie.

Jeff B said...

Hoo Rah!

Thank you Robby for serving our country.

Desert Songbird said...

Congrats to that young man of yours! How incredible an accomplish. He truly is now one of "The Few. The Proud. The Marines."

Semper Fi.