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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

If it's Tuesday, I Must Be Ranting!

1. Congress has an approval rating of 17% - lowest ever.
2. Democrats are the majority.
3. Republicans are at fault for the failure
of the bail-out bill.
4. Since Democrats are the majority,
they could've carried the vote.
5. Neither party was fully engaged with
the bill as it was written.
6. Should it have passed?
7. Congress engaged in a food fight and
we are all losers.
8. Is the bailout a good idea?
9. Speaker Pelosi made a speech and the stock market
took a huge dive.
10. Have the Democrats done a good job as the majority?

Just sayin'.....

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Manic Monday - Nuts

We have a family of Blue Jays in our area. I love to leave out peanuts for them and then wait and watch to see how quickly they locate them. When I go out to water the plants, they'll come, sit and screech at me until I bring out dinner! I place the nuts in different areas and watch the jays discover them.

Our jays, one of whom I named "Leno," is a "scrub jay," like the one in the top photo. They are minus the notable topknot. My goal is to have them take the peanut from my hand. My grandmother fed jays and they would come right up and take the peanut from her. I've gotten close but of course, the dogs choose that time to come rushing headlong out of the doggie-door. Maybe, with patience, I'll have them eating out of my hand...


Come check out Mo's new blog - just for Manic Monday. Thanks, Mo!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Good News, Funny News, Bad News...

Every day when I read the paper, I always find something that either makes me cry, laugh or shake in my boots.

Friday, I found one that made me laugh out loud. Here's the gist of it: A guy was arrested, passed gas and fanned it over towards the cops. He was arrested for assault on an officer! I couldn't believe they would bust somebody for that. I'd better watch out...

Today, I read one that made me shake my head: Fountain, CO - A teenager hired men to kill his mother so he could use her money to get breast implants for his girlfriend, police said.
That was all that was reported. I'd sure like to read more - no idea whether or not the deal went through or if the hit men ratted the jerk out. Sad...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Rambles

1. I fixed short ribs for dinner. And boy, they tasted good...

2. My migraine was a little better today - not gone, but a tad better!
I'll take what I can get!

3. I used to have a sense of humor. I must've left it somewhere - I've
looked all over for it but it keeps coming up missing...

4. Larry King needs to hang up his suspenders. He actually interviewed
that little creep from Iran (there's no way I can attempt to spell his
name) and threw soft balls at him! I'm sure that "President Tom"
would only accept soft questions, but why in the heck have his hairy
little face (ha! you thought I was gonna say something else, didn't you!)
on the air. And Larry is Jewish! For shame...
Larry King

5. Has anyone heard of a "volunteer" tomato? I have one growing up through
our orange tree and it's huge! So far, it's flowered a lot but only set two
tomatoes. Weird....

6. In order to save $$$$ we traded in cable for satellite. So far, so good. It's a
lot cheaper.

7. I've got a boyfriend for Miss Bee's Nancy, the spider! His name is Larry and
he's hung around all summer. (Oops. Did I detect just a little humor there?)
Larry, the Spider!

8. I use too many ellipses when I type and way too many parenthesis. (Sorry)

9. I need to get out of the house and am planning on kidnapping hubman for a few
hours this Saturday. Maybe run up to Kernville, which is on the Kern River.
It's a quaint little town. You can sit in the park, eat an ice cream and watch the
river flow by. The Kern River is well known for white-water rafting. Lived
here for 37 years and have never gone rafting. What a dud!
The Mighty Kern

10. The season premiere for "Criminal Minds" is coming up in twenty minutes.
I can hardly wait to see who blows up. Maybe it was all just a dream.

11. We had wonderful weather the past few days but it was w-a-y up today - it hit
95. After glorious days in the low 80's, it really seemed hot! My poor plants.

12. The Kern County Fair is ongoing. We haven't been in ages. There are way too
many gang-bangers and it ruins it for everyone. And you never know what the
weather is going to be like! I love the corn dogs, funnel cake and cinnamon rolls
and I love looking at the livestock. Does it bother anyone that those poor kids
raise those critters from birth then have to sell them? I never used to think
about things like that.

13. I admit to being lame. Survivor starts tomorrow and The Amazing Race is
coming soon!

~~~Blessings to all and to all, a good night~~~

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Painting by Rob Gonsalves

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If It's Tuesday, I Must Be Ranting!!!

This is the mess we began with. We tore out all of the old
shrubs and the people who bought the land behind us
contributed the stone wall. Okay, I lost my view but
the fence is admittedly nicer even if I can't
see over it!

This is what I have now. We tore out concrete where the
lawn is now. As you can see, Katie is quite happy
having grass for a change!

Begin of Rant...
Okay, you've all lived through my move to a mobile home. You put up with my self-pity and griping. Are you ready for some more?
This time time it's all about electricity.
We have approx. 1740 sq. ft., we keep our A/C set at 82 and don't run it at night;
I wash clothes once a week; run the dishwasher once a week (mainly hand wash);
we don't leave lights burning, etc.
Our electric bill for August was $876.00!!!
We get our bill from the park and not the utility company. I raised our "concerns" with
the park manager and she had the meter re-read and our bill settled at $500.00
Big whoopie. That still cannot be right!
Well, for the last several days our power has been acting real squirrelly. Take one outlet - the outlet would work but the light switch wouldn't. This was occurring in most of the rooms so I was very concerned about a short and a house fire. The electrician can out and, after speaking to
the park manager, determined that the transformer is kaput and it's affecting two of my neighbors as well.
Okay. Fine - not my problem. But then, the electrician the park uses says it is most likely an underground issue and may require tearing up our backyard.
Now, again, you've all heard me whine on and on about how crappy our yard looked, and about our 10' cement block wall and how I've "beautified" it all up with shrubs, plants, flowers, etc.
So now I hear that they may possible have to dig through the yard??? AUGHHHHHHHH!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Manic Monday - Formula

Graphic courtesy of Janna
If there was anything in school that I hated, it was math. I don't care if it was algebra, geometry or bonehead math, I hated it. Especially those stupid trains that were coming at opposite directions and you had to figure out what color the engines were, or something like that... They all required some kind of idiotic formula - which never made sense to me. Never. I barely made it through algebra in 7th grade and flunked geometry. Yep. Never even had a C and I flunked geometry. Did I mention that I hated math and all of it's convoluted formulas??? Check out our boy Mo's Manic Monday for hopefully, more upbeat takes on "formula!"

Friday, September 19, 2008

Photo Hunt - Road

Many roads have I taken; some have lead to great adventures and others have been dead ends.
The photo that I chose as my banner was one of those great adventures. My husband and I love to go off the beaten path, and when we were in Kaua'i, we found a truly wonderful road that led us to this place, where we could look back across the bay and see the resort at which we were staying.
In life, it's something we should do now and again - go off the main road. You never know what you may find!

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Head Hurts!

Sorry I've been off-line but I've had a freakin' migraine for days now.
Just posting to let you know I'm not dead - but sure do feel like it.
Crap. I'll try to post on Saturday....


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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(I have no idea why the above is underlined
and I can't figure out how to make it go away!)

Monday, September 08, 2008

Tuesday and Another Birthday!

And once again, we celebrate a birthday - this one is a milestone!
Happy Birthday to Linda...a very special 911 Dispatcher who loves
her job and does it well. I salute you for all that you do... Sending love
and hugs to you...

Please drop by Linda's blog, "Are We There Yet?"
Wish her birthday happiness...

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Happy Birthday to a Special Lady!

For a special lady who always puts a smile on our faces
and love in our hearts. I really love Sandee! Please drop
by and wish her the best on this, her BIRTHDAY!
Sandee, of Comedy Plus

Manic Monday - Juice

The first thing that came to mind was "The Juice." Yeah, O.J. Simpson. I refuse to post a photo so you'll have to excuse me for that. I was so enamored with the Greek god that he appeared to be,
such a beautiful, handsome man. It just shows to go ya that beauty is indeed, skin deep!!!

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Graphics supplied by Janna

Friday, September 05, 2008

Photo Hunt - Strings

My hubman is a picker - he loves to play guitar. When I got TNChick's email letting us know the word for the week was strings, I immediately thought of a guitar. The question became, "Which one!" He has Fenders - Strats and Telecasters, and he has a couple of acoustics, too. But the one I chose is a beat-up, woe-begone instrument given to him by one of his aunts when his uncle died. It's not a very good guitar but gifts of the heart that come bearing family history become suddenly priceless...
I took several photos but these are my favorites.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - for Bee!

Congratulations, Tish!

We have a new blogger amongst us! Welcome, Emily Grace to the blogosphere! She's the latest addition to the Black family. Please drop by Crazy Working Mom and welcome this precious new life to our world.