---Alice Abrams

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Sad Birthday

I haven't gotten back in "the groove" as I'd hoped.  It's been hot - who doesn't know that!  I've been fretting too much and worrying too much - about things I can't change.  Lots of unnecessary wheels spinning around and they're smoking! 

You've all been very gracious about our loss.  I cannot thank you all enough for your kind words and wonderful expressions of sorrow.  My daughter and her hubby received Robby's personal belongings from the base, along with his car.  I haven't spoken to them recently but saw it posted on FB.  I can imagine it wasn't easy going through all of the things he had with him, especially since he'd been away from home for 3, almost 4 years. 

Today Robby would have been 22 years old. 

The Bible Says Life is But a Vapor....

"The wind is blowing forward, forward and forward. Out of this day, into the next, out of this week, into the following one, and from this year into another. Try as we might to hold onto the sycamores, and whatever familiar landscapes surround us, gradually we lose our grip and are swept forward into a river of tomorrows."

-----Herb Benham, The Bakersfield Californian

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Posy for Your Thoughts

These are in my daughter, Corinne's yard...

My parrot, Spanky (Nanday Conure)
He hates the camera! 

I typed a post the other day, re-read it and dumped it.  No particular reason, I just thought it sounded "lame."  Then I got to thinking, I'm not getting graded on what I post.  Although there's always the chance you won't want to come back and read any more posts!  I think since I started out blogging to work out some issues, I still have the feeling that I need to be writing essays or about some super epiphany that unlocked the key to my existence.  Okay, I think we all know that's not gonna happen, so here goes nothing.

I used to be a very good speller.  Nowadays I find myself typing along like mad only to find words underlined in red and I have absolutely no idea why!  I'll retype and it's still wrong.  Sometimes I'll figure it out or just give up and use another word. Or I'll forget words and can't remember the word I'm looking for.  My cousin assures me it happens to her, too, so either we're both losing our minds or it's just more of this crappy aging process!!!

I was out working in the yard the other day and had a "heat thing."  I made it into the house, aimed for the chair, missed, wound up on the floor and the next thing I remember is Wally sitting with me on the floor with cold rags on my face and neck.  I should know better.  I wasn't outside very long but I haven't been doing the amount of yard work I'm used to doing.  I had heat prostration years ago while doing yard work, and I've got to be careful.  I tend to go full bore and get spent quickly.  Anyway, I'm fine.

The dogs are finally starting to play!  We got Sophie for Homer since Katie died, and he was used to having a play pal.  Sophie was so sick and undernourished when we brought her home she didn't feel like doing much other than sleeping, eating and getting loved.  Within the past couple of weeks, they've been chasing each other through the house, but tonight they really put on a show!  Sophie was spinning in circles and leaping in the air.  Quite entertaining!

Loving Big Brother as usual but especially liking Rizzoli and Isles!  I've read most of the books by (okay brain, kick in!) can't remember author's name but I'm sure you know who I mean!  The TV show with Angie Harmon is actually very good...

Leah posted on FB that Robby's headstone had been placed.  I was surprised it was so soon.  The guy from the mortuary actually took a couple of photos and sent them to Bob and Leah!  I thought that was exceptionally nice. I'm going to take some flowers over for them.  It just still doesn't seem real.....

Well, do I get graded for this mess?  Hope not!