---Alice Abrams

Friday, April 30, 2010

A Very Sad Birthday...

April 29th was my son's 42nd birthday. But it wasn't a happy one. I have no idea where he is. I haven't seen him in about a year and a half now. He's chosen to live a lifestyle that will only bring destruction. I have built such a huge wall around myself to try and control the sadness and sense of loss, but there are days, like his birthday, that crack that wall just a bit. I'll be spending time in the next few days trying to repair and patch the wall and build up more defenses. Fear lives in those cracks in the wall and that's what I'll try to keep contained.

Please say a prayer that he's safe. That's all anyone can do.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Want to Get Rid of Guests?

Saw this in the newspaper this a.m., in "Annie's Mailbox."

"...consider my surefire way to get rid of unwanted guests. After dinner, I put all the dishes on the floor so the dog can lick them clean. I then pick them up and put them directly into the cupboards. You will never see those guests again."

Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Hero is Enroute Home!!!

On the way to Camp Pendleton

"Graduation" Day


Our grandson, Robby, is on his way home and will touch down in Oklahoma City tomorrow night to spend some time with his mom, dad, sister and niece - then they'll bring him to CA, where he'll be stationed at 29 Palms. They'll stop here in a couple of weeks, so we'll get to see first hand if he's put some meat on those bones!!!

We give thanks to God for bringing him safely through his tour in Iraq!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Click Here and There...

These wildflowers were blooming on the hillsides all over the county. We were blessed this year with more than normal rainfall so the flowers have been abundant. In the foreground is lupine, and the yellow is some sort of "mountain daisy," and the rusty looking patches are California poppies. I took tons of pictures that day and hope to have them posted soon! (I haven't forgotten to follow up on my family photos....)This is Hwy 178, which follows along the Kern River on the way up to Lake Isabella and Kernville. Its really difficult to see how close you are to the rock overhang. My former husband's family owned a petroleum trucking company and our rigs hauled gas up to the lakeside communities. They made their trips in the middle of the night because of fewer cars and the fact that you could see any headlights coming your way.

I remember one time we were driving a camper through this spot, and the crank-out windows had been left opened. Sheared those suckers right off.

This photo is especially for Miss Bee who is unfortunately, not loving the birds...This is Spanky, my Nanday Conure. He's a little more than twice the size of our cockatiel, Spike. I purchased him from his owner in 1993, when he was a year old. The man's wife insisted that he get rid of him because he hated her! Surprisingly, since I was the one who brought him home and spent the day with him, he wound up bonding with me, and he hates my husband! All these years and hubman has never been able to get close to him. With me, it's a different story as he is very affectionate. Notice his little red socks? Oh, and that wallpaper? Its on the list......
And last, but the best of all, meet Ryleigh, my great-granddaughter. This was taken a few months ago. She's back in Oklahoma and I haven't seen her in way too long. She's bundled up in mom's truck to go run errands. I just adore her little heart-shaped face.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spam Attacks...

I'm getting slammed by spam so I've
turned on comment moderation.
Hopefully, it won't last forever.