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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Are These the Faces of a "Mob?"

I've tried so hard to keep my blog from becoming a political rant (which I could easily do); instead, I've tried to keep it light. But current events are keeping me from adhering to
my original plan.

We're all up in arms about health care, whether you believe Harry and Louise or not... What has really gotten my panties in a wad is the double standard that is being established. I was a young woman during the sixties. I went unscathed through the turmoil that affected so many. I didn't protest Dow Chemical, I never participated in a love-in, a sit-in, or any of the other "ins" that took place. I cried when Bobby Kennedy was slain, as I did for Martin Luther King. I witnessed the Watts Riots, which threatened to spill into our own neighborhoods. Those were black days for me, as I watched our country unwind from it's basic goodness.

We recovered from those uncertain times but I wonder how many lessons were learned on both sides. The left has always been known to protest and protest loudly. Whether is was against gov't policies or wars, whether it was against injustice or personal affront. On the other hand, we "country clubbers," in our Brooks Brothers suits - middle class, white Americans (as we are called) - sat on our collective asses and protested verbally amongst ourselves, against the "unwashed masses."

Now, it is our turn. But what has happened to our right to free speech?

I watched Code Pink invade auditoriums and loudly interrupt speeches by those whose ideology
went against their beliefs. The media would gleefully cover these escapades, even if there were less than twenty protesters. They delighted in trying to embarrass the Bush administration and no one on the left showed the outrage they are showing towards those of us who do not like the policies of the Obama administration. We have seen President Bush hung in effigy, our flag being burned, and we have heard that the U.S. is responsible for most of the ills of the world.

We have heard our government explain to us that we don't know what is good for us (poor, ignoramuses). We have heard our politicians tell us that it's impossible to read the health care bill, because it would take two days and two lawyers. When we complain that we don't like the president's health care bill, we are made fun of, and again, told that we just don't get it, that we're "heartless," and "uncaring."

When the town hall meetings are held and the politicians are unable to answer our questions openly and honestly, folks become upset and demand answers. Simple answers to simple questions. Now the folks I've seen at the majority of these meetings aren't carrying pitch forks and torches. They're mainly white haired retirees in polo shirts and ball caps. They're grandmothers, professional people, farmers, blue collar workers, in other words - they're all of us.
But they're angry. They're being told that they are part of a "mob," carrying swastikas and threatening families of politicians. They're being told that they are part of an orchestrated insurrection, fired up by the right-wing radio talk show hosts, and the commentators on "Faux" News (as they persist in calling Fox). They're told that their "grass roots" movement is nothing more than astro turf.

Are we angry? Damned right we are! I'm furious that this administration is spending OUR money like drunken sailors on shore leave! I'm furious that this administration is cramming their programs down our throats. I'm furious that this administration is pushing through legislation, that, by their own admission, hasn't been read by the majority of them. I'm furious that we are losing our right to be heard! I'm furious that the general media refuses to cover these events fairly, if they are covered at all!

Yes, I guess I'm part of a lunatic fringe, gun-totin' mob, who is only concerned about my country, the country that I'm PROUD of and REFUSE to apologize for. Call me whatever you wish. I will NOT be silent. Not this time....


Linda said...

Well said, Gracie, well said. I'd stand and applaud but it's hard to type like that!

And for the record, no - you don't look like mobsters at all; just two regular old American citizens who are dismayed at the road of travel our country is taking and, personally, I'm right there with you. We seem to have misplaced our values somewhere and our sense of decency. It's sad. Very, very sad.

Traveling Bells said...

A picture of the two of us could be posted along side yours, as well as this same fury. Preach on, sista! Big hugs...

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

i know, i know... this is the worst administration ever, i used to say since jimmy carter but now it is worse than jimmy. i fear for us all. who still likes him? lets see... uninsured unemployed non tax paying non smokers maybe? anyone other than that group is insane if they still like this bunch. seriously insane...

hugs, bee

Sarge Charlie said...

Holy crap, you are just hoodlems, I introduce miss bee and me as "Bonnie and Clyde"

Kanani said...

Hi gracie,
I've written another piece on healthcare. I have enough anger to write a book on the topic. As it is, I've submitted it to the Surgery Times.

As for Code Pink, I've always regarded them as the most leftist ignoramuses one could find. I raised huge objections with the school district when they advertised a work out camp on the side of a local school. I exposed them, and the signs were taken down. In addition, as a milspouse, I've personally attacked by their ilk while trying to do something as simple as buy an Rx.

But I think the other problem is the extreme apathy of those in the middle ground, who aren't saying anything except living for the next shopping trip.

Those are the ones who have let this country grind to the halt it's in now.

Sandee said...

We are all angry and we aren't going to sit on the sidelines this time. We are going to be as vocal as code pink and all the lefties. We got the playbook from them you know.

Excellent rant honey. I applaud you.

Nancy Pelosi is talking about all those swastikas at the town hall meetings too. Liar.

Have a terrific day. Big hug honey. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a well written, well said post! You go, girl!

Ralph said...

So well written. The tactics of the left can be effective, moreso when you can use them against the opposition. The 'nazi' response comes about when they are scared, much like the yipping little dog that makes so much noise because it is scared. A thoughtful post, an expose on what is wrong and average people speaking their minds, our Constitutional prerogative!