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Sunday, June 06, 2010

I managed to pull up a photo! This is Daughter #1 and her hubby at
some sort of training. They both work for the feds. At least they can work out with each other. They look pretty darned happy, too.

Hello. I'm back from the dead. Well, kind of. I had problems with my computer when I put Carbonite on it - wound up losing all of my photos. ARGH. I'm having problems getting them from Adobe to post. I guess I'll get it all figured out eventually!

I had a bladder and sinus infection all at the same time, ran high fevers that we were unable to get in control. After being threatened with the ER, hubman made an appointment with our MD. I waited so long because of the fact that I am currently uninsured. Oh well. I'm getting better every day, and on the plus side, I lost 18 lbs.!!! I really needed a jump start to get a handle on my waist line. Now I'll have to run to Good Will to buy back all of the clothes I just gave away...sigh.

Well,California will have it's primaries Tuesday. We've already voted, and I'm betting a lot of folks we voted for won't make it. Meg Whitman (gag) will more than likely go up agains Jerry, Gov. Moonbeam, for governor. Can it get any worse? We need a real crusader to come to our rescue but I think we're gonna be in the crapper for another four years. I love my home state dearly, but we'd leave if we could.

We had a cooler installed and boy, do I love it! It really keeps the whole house cool (cold at times!) and I don't feel like I'm watching $$$$$ floating out the door. It's arid enough here that it shouldn't be too bad. I can't handle much over 85, and it'll be way up in the 100's before long. Hopefully, we won't get another one of those $400+++ bills for the AC.

Here's hoping you all have wonderful weather and much pleasantry in the week ahead. And maybe I'll get my photos figured out. Ha, ha....


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

love the photo!!! i wish i could post photos of the rest of my family like i used to. rats.

sorry about the computer problems honey and i sure am glad you are on the mend. take care, ok?

hugs, bee

Anonymous said...

Yikes on losing your photos. I have Carbonite and LOVE it!

Sorry you were so sick. I am also without insurance, so I know what you mean about putting off going to see the doctor.

Big hugs xo

Sandee said...

Glad you are feeling better.

I would leave California if I could too.

Have a terrific day. :)

Desert Songbird said...

I miss swamp coolers; they really worked well with low humidity. As you said, it makes the house feel cold. The newer houses here are all built with just A/C; no swamp coolers. Bummer. Today's high here is expected to be near 110. Sigh.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Gracie:

It is good to see you on line again. I am sorry that you were ill, and I am very glad that you are on the mend. I do not mean to be nosy, and I hope I am not being inappropriate. Cranberry juice is known to be help helpful against bladder/urinary tract infections (most likely because of its acidity); it is also a refreshing beverage with hot temperatures.

Sorry to hear about your frustrations with the California political scene. We hear a good deal about your state's economic situation. I hope that things will get better for you there.

Take care. Again, I wish you a speedy recovery.


Traveling Bells said...

You have been missed. Hopefully everything will be on track now and heal and stay healed!

Big hugs...

Linda said...

They do look like they're having a good time! Whatever training it was, it must have been fun!

Glad to hear that you're finally feeling a bit better. I could do with an 18-pound weight loss myself (and a lot more along with it) but I don't think being sick is the way I'd want to do it.

It's really too bad that California is such a mess politically because it really is a wonderful state otherwise. Maybe they should revisit that whole divide into two separate states thing again - perhaps it's just too big for one person to be able to govern properly??