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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No, I'm Not Dead...

...just resting.

Isn't that the coolest planter you ever saw?  I loved it the minute I laid my eyes on it.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a party at my daughter's house - combination birthdays for Corinne and her step-daughter, Amber.  They all wanted to play "Bocci Ball."  If you've ever seen a movie with elder Italian playing what appears to be lawn bowling, then you know what Bocci ball is.  The object is to throw heavy wooden balls at a smaller ball that's been tossed out towards the opposite goal.  Let me tell you, those balls are heavy!  There are teams of two, and I played with my son-in-law and we kicked some butt!  But even my trusty right arm couldn't save us.   We finished in 2nd place.  I couldn't move for two days. 

I've got a fuzzy little juvenile delinquent resting on my feet.  Homer is a little terrorist.  He's so adorable when he's sleeping, but when he's "zizzing" around the house, he's a handful!  We're not a bit sorry we got a puppy, though.  It's fun watching him learn the ropes from our Katie, our older dog.  He's already mastered "sit," "drop-it," "bring it," and we're working on "no-bite!"  He's little baby teeth are like Parana teeth! 

Fall is in the air here - although it is expected to be in the 90's again at the end of the week.  Fall means shorter days, which I hate, and cooler weather, which I love!!!  We only had to use the A/C about ten days this summer, opting instead to use the cooler we bought.  Man, I wish we'd done that two summers ago. Our highest electric bill was under $70!  Considering that just last summer it was well over $300 per month, we're thrilled!

Why is it that during the day I can think of so many things I want to talk about, but when I start typing and thinking it all evaporates?!?  I guess I need to start making notes.  But then I'd just forget where they are...
I'll put my thinking cap on and see what I can come up with.

Happy week, every one. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Gracie! So glad to hear from you! Yes, I too love the fall and we are expecting the same 90 degree weather toward the end of the week! Hang in there and have a beautiful week.

Traveling Bells said...

Got fish oil??? Glad to know you're still kickin'!

Big hugs, honey...

Sandee said...

It is indeed cooler in the mornings and evenings. I think this whole summer has been pretty cool for California. I liked it though.

Today is the first day of fall. I'm not so excited about that though. I'm a summer person and winter is not my favorite season at all. Well except for Christmas.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hug. :)

Linda said...

That is definitely a cool planter though I'm not so sure it wouldn't give me a start draped in fog!

I've never played Bocci but it always looks like fun! Sounds like you had a wonderful time minus the not being able to move for two days afterward part!

I know what you mean about thinking of all sorts of things to write and then completely forgetting about them. I do most of my best thinking just as I'm about to fall asleep but in the morning all those great thoughts are gone. Maybe I was just dreaming them?