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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Gray Day Downtown

I have no idea what this building is - I need to go back and find out.  I love the little niche in the middle of the turret.  Linda - I'm a big disappointment because I'm posting w/o checking.  I love that the leaves here and below echo the colors of the building, and I love the burgundy trim on the windows below.

I'm nuts about this clock.  I like the lines and style, especially the way it pops against the more modern lines of the building behind it. 


Anonymous said...

I like that clock, too! I just take pics as they come... I'm not good with history either...

LAC said...

Gorgeous finds. That first one looks like a castle.

Sandee said...

Beautiful Gracie. Some great captures here.

It's foggy here too and I'm getting tired of it. Sigh.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

well let us know what this lovely building is (y'all).

smiles, bee

Traveling Bells said...

I like the photos, too! So there.

Big hugs...

Regina said...

Hi there..glad you didn't forget about me! I wanted to post something last night (late) but couldn't focus enough to put my thoughts together! (lol). The building is something I rarely see here- yes, looks so magnificient in that setting.. leaves -all those colors and brick (my favorite)! The clock..well, that's just art isn't it?! Lovely post!!
I get so introspective on line..was feeling yesterday, like what am I doing..nobody cares (ah ha ha)..
words can become harsh..harsher than you intended when your struggling to express yourself? I'm sure I wind-up scaring someone but they fail to understand I scare myself!
Well, you've had a shephered too and some small dogs..yes, I couldn't agree more! I love her and funny, as I get older, I just enjoy having them around even more. I'm so glad you got to visit the islands! I visited Kauai back in 1970 and sat in an airliner -stand-by on Maui. Oahu is the only other island I've stayed any length of time at besides here. Hey, I told my son before he left last Sunday (I want to swim with the dolphins before I die)!! how's that! So you did that- how must of been jazzed! Well, hope you have a wonderful day my friend- I'm glad your here!

Zane D. Clark said...

Beautiful pictures. i really liked the one of the trees.

foggy here. i love the fog. Darlin hates the fog.

Linda said...

No disappointment at all, Gracie! I was just happy to look at that building and imagine all of the things that could have been/may still be! It does have a castlesque look to it, doesn't it?

That clock is very cool, too!

Regina said...

Just when I meet a good friend- you go an dig out!! (lol)..where in the heck are you?? I got brave and posted something political a few posts back..Well, not sure how often you check, but just wanted to see how you were? Aloha and wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Dean aka Sgt Dub said...

The ability to capture beauty is a treasure worth sharing.