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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Commercials! And Other Stuff

Along the Kern River at Hart Park

Thanks for your responses to my request.  Commercials can be so wonderful - consider the Super Bowl phenomenon!  But more often than next they're guaranteed to make you reach for the remote.  I think our local commercials are the worst but some of the nationals are pretty bad, too.  The silliest ones are for "enhancements," Zestra and Cealis (sp) are the worst, especially the folks sitting in bathtubs out in the middle of a cornfield!

We tend to like the ones with animals, but my favorite is the baby stockbroker in the crib.  He's in trouble because he tried riding the dog and mom took his laptop away. It's very clever and the baby is adorable. I can't begin to tell you the name of the brokerage house, though!
Have any of you seen DIY "I Hate My Kitchen?"  Well, that's how we feel about this mess.  My former son-in-law gutted our kitchen at our previous house, put in all new cabinetry, new counter tops, new appliances, etc. It was gorgeous!  So moving in here, with the pretend wood paneling was disheartening, to say the least!

My present son-in-law finished the new cabinet fronts for the kitchen. (My daughter has kept the cabinet shop open). As I've been peeling away layers, there are at least two different types of wallpaper involving ugly little red teacups and orange flowers.  They previous owners left a lot of wallpaper that they'd used in the den.  It's not bad - better than the fake paneling for sure!  It looks kind of like grass cloth which I've always liked and it's back in style again.  So I tried papering over the ugly mess of teacups.  It looked pretty good for awhile - until it started peeling off.  So, I tried glue.  Nope, didn't work, either.

So, our SIL is going to put new backing up which we can either tile over or paint.  Instead of dark pretend paneling, it will be crisp and light!  I can hardly wait!  A couple of years ago we bought all new appliances but the kitchen still looks shabby.  We replaced the indoor-outdoor carpeting which was in all the bathrooms and kitchen.  Who wants carpet in the bathroom?  YUCK.  Painting over the pretend paneling is hard work.  It takes 2-3 coats of Kilz and you've got to get in all the little grooves which eats up paint brushes like crazy.

Next, we'll replace the counter tops which are laminate butcher block - charming - with a newer grade of laminate that really doesn't look too bad.  But that will have to wait a bit.  Doing things in bits and pieces has driven me crazy.  I want to wiggle my nose and just make it all happen, but I haven't had any luck in that department!

Anyhoo, I'll be happy just to get this part finished.  One step at a time...Patience.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

we had our kitchen gutted when we bought this place and it is laid out all wrong, i had a danged decorator and learned AFTER he was done that i hated his style. buggers. but i have internet now!

smiles, bee

Sandee said...

I always enjoy the super bowl commercials. I forgot all about them. Good grief. I go to YouTube to see those. Brilliant.

I can so relate to redoing your home. There just isn't enough money at one time to get everything done. Patience indeed.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hug. :)

Traveling Bells said...

Oh, I'm glad you mentioned that talking baby commercial. It always cracks me up. Kids and animals are the bestest ones.

Big hugs, honey...

Linda said...

I thought of another commercial that I rather like and which fits one of my fellow dispatchers to a "T" - you can check it out here if you'd like: It cracks me up every time I see it!

Sounds like you're keeping quite busy with the kitchen though I'd be frustrated as all-get-out with that wallpaper! I'm more of a paint gal when you get right down to it but my mother likes wallpaper better. Guess I didn't inherit that from her!

Levon said...

Hi Miss Gracie:

I hope you are doing well and enjoying your renovated kitchen cabinets. Is your new countertop installed yet? Your son-in-law is giving you a great gift in doing the work for you.

I have some commercials to submit to you. The commercial that makes me laugh, of all things, is an insurance commercial. The one in which a son asks for the car keys from his dad, for what appears to be the son's first solo drive. The dad immediately has flashbacks of all of his son's mishaps on the big wheel, skateboard, bicycle, etc ... I laugh at this commercial because it reminds me of my parents' anxiety when I started to drive. Like others who posted, political commercials send me around the bend. Another commercial I have problems watching are those for the SPCA. I know they are important messages to get out to the public. However, it really hurts to see the lack of responsibility, love, and stewardship that some people have for their pets and other animals.

On a lighter note (no pun intended), I have a song to recommend for you. In past posts, you mentioned that your husband likes to play the guitar (i.e., fingerpicking). I recommend that the two of you listen to Leo Kottke's cover of the song "Rings." I heard the song on a Leo Kottke album, and my one of my older brothers told me it was originally released in the early 70's. It is a happy tune and Mr. Kottke's playing is great.

I need to close for now. All of my best to you and your family.


Sandee said...

Hope all is well in your world. I've not heard a peep from you in quite some time. I was just thinking about you and thought I'd leave you a message.

Big hugs honey. :)