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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Old Homestead

The House That Dad Built

This is where I grew up.  Imagine a row of eucalyptus trees (a wind break) going down the side of the property, and instead of tract houses, fields of alfalfa.  We had an acre behind us, with some chickens, and then orange groves all around.  I know I wrote about my pet hen, Nancy, well, this is where we did our roaming.

The house was built in 1951.  My brother came in 1954.  Even though I was a very young bride (17), this is the place I still call home.  My roots are here and I feel close to my parents when I visit.  My brother and his family still live here and it looks great!  My mom and dad planted the huge Sycamore tree in the front yard that is showing off by thrusting it's roots through the driveway and sidewalk. My brother planted the liquid amber that is the only sign of autumn in Orange County.  It hovered aroud 75 degrees this year at Christmas.   

I don't miss the traffic, but I sure miss this house.


Sandee said...

What a lovely place it is too. I don't feel the same about the house I lived in when I was growing up but that's an entirely different story.

Have a terrific day honey and it's great to see a post from you. Big hugs. :)

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

it's a beauty!

smiles, bee

Sarge Charlie said...

nice trip back home gracie, I love going back to my roots.

Linda said...

What a lovely house, I can see why you miss it!

It's great that it's still in the family, too!

Regina said...

What beautiful reflections! Love that tree. I remember orange groves in S.C. Well I hope your doing ok and Christmas was beautiful.
Ya, I've been taking longer and longer breaks..seems I'm slipping away. Well, sending you warm hug and best wishes for a bright New Year-

Traveling Bells said...

I can see why you think of this as looks mighty cozy, and is filled with good memories.

Big hugs, honey...