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Monday, November 19, 2007

Recipe for Brandied Peaches

After writing my MM post, I got to wondering about the actual receipe so I went online to find one similar to hers. Like I said, hers were maroon or deep pink. I don't know if she added food coloring or not. A note to all of us: While our relatives are still living, ask them these things. It's impossible to replicate otherwise. Wish I'd thought ahead.

Here's what I found:


1 peck peaches (a peck is equal to 8 dry quarts)
1 quart brandy
1 x sugar ( looked up the "x" and couldn't find an equivelent, but another online recipe shows
1 lb. sugar per pound of peaches)
2 tbs. cloves
2 lg. cinnamon sticks

Skin peaches by pouring boiling water over a few at a time and allowing to stand a few minutes. Then dip in cold water and skins will rub off. After peaches have been skinned, measure them and use one half of their weight in sugar. Have a large, clean, covered stone crock and put in a layer of peaches and a layer of sugar until all ingredients are used. Pour the brandy over the layers. Cover the crock with a heavy piece of white muslin before placing on the top of the crock. Set aside in a cool place and allow peaches to stand 2 to 3 months before using.
(I don't know about you guys, but I "peel" my peaches. Skinning sounds so, well, can you be cruel to a peach? And I know my grandmother kept hers for a year - I remember her telling me.)


Jeff B said...

Sound tasty.

Thanks for comming by my site. I enjoyed reading through some of your posts as well.

Sarge Charlie said...

that sounds like a potent peach, I have had pickled peaches but never had a brandy peach.

Sarge Charlie said...

do you know you have something set to prevent your blog from showing up in the readers?

Gledwood said...

lovely ... haha!!


Anonymous said...

Oh those sound soooo very yummy! thanks for sharing this recipe!