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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Warning: Rant Ahead

I just heard an "ILLEGAL" immigrant tell a TV reporter that he's tired of being treated like an animal and that he has rights!!! Okay, what kind of animal is he relating to? A dog? A cat? A snake? (Or maybe a jackass!) Rights? What kind of rights does he have in a country that he entered ILLEGALLY?

Stop and think of the percentage of our tax dollars that go towards keeping these "animals" fed, sheltered and medicated. In what condition are the legal residents of Mississippi and Louisiana, a year and a half after Hurricane Katrina? What amount of money is being spent on ILLEGAL immigrants that should be going to legal residents - people who were born and raised here (of legal parentage!). That is without consideration of the color of their skin...I don't care.

Some participants were quoted as follows: "We want just reform," said Mayela Ruiz, an illegal immigrant. "I've been here 15 years. I've worked hard, paid my taxes. I've had no problems with the law and I'm afraid to leave my house. I want a law that would allow me to work and live in freedom but not like a slave." (If she hadn't come here ILLEGALLY, she wouldn't have to worry. Slave? What? Go home, then if you've got it so rough here~!)
"Us immigrants aren't pieces of trash, we're human beings," she said. "To be treated as less than human is a travesty." (Huh? Is she a psych major? She's being asked to obey the law!!! What's subhuman about that???)
Thomas Rodriguez, of Aurora, stood in Union Park wearing a shirt that said: "We are hard workers. We're not criminals! (Oh yeah? If you're here ILLEGALLY you sure as heck are!)
Some of the signs being used today: "I Demand Full Rights," and a child holding this one: "One more child asking for liberty for his parents." Aw, let's use the cute little kids as propaganda.

If you really feel that badly treated here, do me a huge favor: GO HOME! Now. This minute. Put down your signs, leave your ILLEGALLY gotten wages, your ILLEGALLY rented apartments, ILLEGALLY purchased homes, your ILLEGALLY gotten benefits, and just GO HOME. Wherever that may be.

You have been taught that you are being victimized. You have been lied to. You are a sucker. You have learned that entitlements are the easy way out. You live in my community and the majority of you work hard. I will give credit where credit is due. But you are still here ILLEGALLY and you are breaking the laws of the country from which you are demanding rights and entitlements, yet a large amount of you do not even bother or want to take the time to learn the language of that country! You expect me, born here 59 years ago, of parents born here also, to learn your lanaguage. And you demand respect? I don't think so! How dare you!!! If you really respect this wonderful country, take out paperwork and become a legal resident. Yes, it will take work and it will not be easy, but it will be legal and you will no longer be a criminal!

President Bush and the Congress: SECURE OUR BORDERS!!! Immediately. Now. Release the border agents imprisoned for shooting a drug runner in the butt (who received a payoff from our government!). Do NOT cave into people who are marching with their ILLEGAL children in their arms, hiding out in ILLEGAL sanctuary cities, trying to tug at sympathetic American heartstrings (we have always had big hearts...). They are blackmailing you and do not fall for it. Take care of your own first. Protect us before you allow this country to fall headlong into the largest blackmail plot in history. Have the courage to say "NO," and allow the law to stand as is and the courage to enforce it!


Linda said...

Gracie, I have to agree with you on this one. How can people who are illegal demand rights? I just don't get it, I really don't, and I don't know why our government puts up with it.

Nikki Neurotic said...

Sometimes you have to step back and step into their shoes though. Do you know what kind of conditions they left back home? A lot of illegal immigrants come into this country in hopes of becoming legal citizens some day because they honestly have nothing in their home country. Some live under extreme poverty, some live under oppressive governments, etc.

Yes, they often do not speak our language...however, the English language is said to be one of the most difficult language to master, and if they do not have the means of getting educated in the language, it's very difficult to learn.

They need money to survive. So do you and I. Would you work in the conditions that they often work in? Slaving in fields on days where the temps reach 100 degrees F on some days? Probably not.

I urge you to try to see both sides of the story before you rant and rave, you might find that in the long run, they really aren't asking for a whole lot.

This is NOTHING compared to how Native Americans must have felt when our people arrived in this country. They had their land and their lives stolen from them. Perhaps this is God's retribution from the abuse we showed the Natives of this country.

If it is, I think we're getting off damn easy.

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

Well well well!! I think that our blogs are for us to give our opinions and I think you have done it very very well!! I am proud of you for putting down here for all of us to read at our pleasure just exactly how you feel. I wish that I had this much courage sometimes to say exactly how and what I feel.
I agree with almost all of what you have to say. I see the other side too when I read what the "other" comment said.
But I do get very upset!! One thing I think that upsets me the most is that we live here in America and we speak English!!! So everyone else should too!! I do not care how hard it is to learn. I was taught it and I learned!! If I moved to France permanently I would have to learn how to speak French..Right? So I think that if foreigners move here then they have to speak our language.
I get my nails done at a family shop ran by a great Vietnamese couple. I have learned to really love them. They will go off into their language and I tell them not to talk about me like that. They will say, "Miss Sandy I am sorry. Sometimes we just forget!!" They speak perfect English and have not been here all that long!! They are hard working and are legal!!
I hate it that they take the jobs that our young people will be looking for too....
Well I guess that is my opinion and I AM STICKING TO IT!!

Amazing Gracie said...

Thanks, Sandy. I went to Silver's site and thanked her for her opinion. My husband chopped cotton here in the Central CA valley in the heat so he could go to college. We have an extensive English Language program for the farm workers. I worked in Migrant Ed for a while at the county superintendent's office. It's free and we provided child care! It's also on Saturdays. So there's no excuse not to learn English. And I'm sorry - I am NOT responsible for what happended in 1600 to the Native Americans. Or for slavery. Or for whatever collective guilt people want to lay on me. The Greeks enslaved the Romans; the Turks, the Armenians; the Egyptians, the Jews.

I am not responsible for anything except for how I treat people today; not for what my ancestors did 400-800 years ago! Get over it, folks!!! It was a horrid time in history - there have been several of them. Roman Catholics of today cannot be blamed for the horrible inquisition of yesteryear. Where has our common sense gone?

As far as God's retribution for the way Native Americans were treated, I'm afraid our crass culture today will be responsible for as much retribution as anything that was done to the native americans!

Travis Cody said...

Good for you Gracie.

I get tired of people coming here illegally and demanding to be rewarded for it. I have no doubt that many have come here to make better lives for their children. Fantastic! That's what this country is all about.

But if you want rights as a citizen, then become one. If you came here illegally, then find a way to earn your citizenship. Pay your taxes.

Don't be a drain on public resources. Be a part of making those resources more effective for all.

Come here and do it the right way. Don't come here in the dark of night and then demand things.

Revka said...

Amen! Our tax dollars should not be spent on people who are not even citizens of our country! If you don't put in, you shouldn't be allowed to take out. I grew up in McAllen, Texas, which claims Reynosa, Mexico as its sister city. I was a minority and knew that many of the people with whom I rubbed shoulders were illegal immigrants. It's absolutely nothing personal; it's just what is right and fair to us who have paid our dues as CITIZENS.

Moonbeam Baby said...

This has always been a controversial issue, and a lot of people feel very strongly about it. I have to agree with most of what you said, especially the part about learning our language. If thousands of Americans suddenly decided to move to Mexico, would we have any right to expect them to learn English to accommodate us? The answer is NO. On that note: has anyone noticed the increasing number of food and product packaging written in Spanish?

You can't blame them for wanting to live in America, but there are legal ways to attain that goal...

Desert Songbird said...

Amen, Gracie, AMEN SISTAH!

My parents came to this country legally. They waited their turn, they worked their ASSES off, paid their taxes, and DEMANDED NOTHING!!!!!

I'm sorry, Silver, but seeing the "other side" of this is not possible for me. See, I know what atrocities my parents endured in the other country (my father was beaten, my mother was prostituted to protect her younger sisters), and yet when they moved from country to country they did so LEGALLY and NEVER EXPECTED HANDOUTS.

So, Silver, don't ever expect me to be compassionate about the issue of immigration. The daughter of parents who came here LEGALLY and how died prematurely because of the lives they led WILL NEVER agree that ILLEGAL immigrants are not criminals.

Mrs Xoke said...

Well said Gracie! Well said!

Sunrunner said...

Very good post. I visited here from Desert Songbird's blog, and I'm glad I did. While on one hand I would like to see the gov't do something for the people that truly want to be here and have done or tried to do their part (you can tell which illegal immigrants actually want to be here and contribute positively to society) the ones that are just here to cause trouble i.e. drug dealers, fugitives, terrorists need to be drop kicked out of the country. If the gov't would just listen to the people they hire that are down in the trenches trying to enforce the laws, they'd be able to figure out the difference.

Barb said...

Preach on! I wish more people would say this so maybe it would eventually make a difference!

Cinnamon Girl said...

I am so with you on this!

Sparky Duck said...

nice post, though it wont make a darn bit of difference. Its much better to have a controversy then to do something about it.

just as long as they are treated as human beings, since everyone has that right, illegal alien or not. then ship em back

Mo and The Purries said...

Your post, combined with Desert Songbird's comment... made me so proud to call you both friends.

Sandee said...

Gracie, I visit here almost daily, but Desert Songbird sent me over. I agree, I agree, I agree. I went to the mall a month or so ago and absolutely no one was speaking English. It was a Wednesday, and my thought? All these hard working people are here shopping? What???

The only thing I disagee with is your use of Illegal Immigrant. The proper term is Illegal Alien.

The biggest thing I hear is: "Opponents to amnesty are bigots and racists... The fact is: This is not about race. Playing the "race" card is a debating ploy designed to avoid the facts of the debate.

What I see in the Central valley is thousands and thousands of illegal aliens you are uneducated. I didn't say stupid or dumb here, but zero to no education. You need a translator here at all times. California is Mexifornia... AND IT SUCKS BIG TIME. Gangs, crime, drive-by shootings, rapes, home invasions and the surnames 9 times out of 10 are Latino!

God bless you Gracie!

Amazing Gracie said...

I want to make it really clear - I love the Mexican people. I grew up among Mexicans in SoCal and some gang members kept me from getting beaten up in high school by members of my own race ("surfer chicks")because I had befriended one of them. I do not have a beef with anyone who does the right thing. Anyone who knows me, knows I do not go around with vendettas against anyone. What cheeses me off with this, is the blatant disregard for the law. We've kowtowed to the illegals for so long, they now make demands for that to which they are not entitled!!! Immigrant, alien, whatever. The key word for me is still ILLEGAL!!!