---Alice Abrams

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Dogs

Thirteen Things I Love About Dogs...

1. They love you and don't care who knows it.

2. They just live to make you happy.

3. They're loyal to a fault.

4. They have distinct personalities.

5. They notice when you're sad.

6. They like to cuddle on cold winter nights.

7. They miss you when you're gone and...

8. They dance a jig when you come home.

9. They love babies and old people

(and some even love cats!).

10. They love to play ball and chase butterflies.

11. They like to go for walks on the beach.

12. They like belly-rubs.

13. They make me smile.


Forest Dogs said...

We loves other dogs too!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

they certainly do! dogs are lovely...

smiles, bee

Shaz said...

We love all dogs but especially Danes. I agree with everyone of your reasons as they go with every breed of dog x x x

Sarge Charlie said...

I like belly rubs, and my back scratched.........

Sandee said...

Not participating in TT. Had to comment Gracie...I agree with all 13 points. Dogs are the best. You have a wonderful day. :)

mrsnesbitt said...

Oh where would we be without our dogs? Tidy house, but it wouldn't be a home!


Smalltown RN said...

I love dogs as well...they have such Bert brings me such pleasure he is so much a part of our family...

Thanks for dropping by my blog yesterday!

Barb said...

Dogs are wonderful. Wouldn't it be great if men were the same way? :)

Constance said...

Bark ! Bark !!!
Dogs are almost as good as cats are, Gracie !
Okay, SOME of them are just as good...

Ron Simpson said...

I love dogs too.
my family has recovered about 35 abandoned animals over the years. We get them fixed, wormed and back to health and find homes for them. unless we get attached to them, then we get a new pet. Our vet gives my parents an at cost discount because she knows what we do.

Callie Ann said...

I didn't do my TT today but I love my two schnauzers also. Such little people they are.

Linda said...

This post made me miss the last dog we had which was a miniature dachshund named Elsie. Great points all!

Travis Cody said...

Dogs are great!

Heart of Rachel said...

I love dogs. They are loyal and very endearing.

Anonymous said...

Yup - nothing better than being sad and having a pup to cheer you up! Their love is so unconditional isn't it? Great list! :-)

Lynne said...

You know I share you "Dog" list (Canine Furpersons Becka & Sara) , but I feel it necessary to add a "Cat" list:

Must say in advance, you know I love my two list is based on their behaviors and I still love them despite their typical "cat" personalities.

1. I think they love us, but I
don't think they feel it is
always necessary to show it.

2. They are already happy...don't
feel the need to make us happy.

3. They're loyal when it suits

4. They too have distinct

5. They have no clue when you're

6. Some like to cuddle...some
could care less.

7. They don't miss you when you're
gone. They don't even seem to
know you weren't there.

8. When you come home, they glance
at you and then go back to
whatever they were doing.

9. Some like everybody...some like

10.They don't play ball, but would
love to chase (and eat)

11.They like to go for walks
everywhere you would just as
soon they didn't.

12.Some like belly rubs...some
dare you to touch their belly
and face the "claw'

13.They always make me smile.

Love straight from my feline furpersons....KT & Sugar