---Alice Abrams

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Friday Feast

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being highest) how much do enjoy watching sports on television?
Oh, let's say about a minus 10!

If you could completely memorize any one work of fiction, which one would you pick?
"Book of Virtues," edited by William Bennet

What is your favorite breakfast food?
I have a protein shake every morning but my very favorite is eggs over easy with hashed brown potatoes, fresh biscuits and gravy!

Main Course
Name something fun you can do for less than $10.00.
Buy a book, rent a DVD, buy an ice cream sundae, go to the mall - windowshop - and buy a dessert and coffee! There are still lots of options.

How long does it usually take you to fall asleep?
A lot longer in the summer than in the winter! I've always had a difficult time with the sandman.


Anonymous said...

I love your main course--you sound like a really fun person :) Happy Friday.

maiylah said...

me, too ... am not sure much into sports. :)

happy FF!

Miss Blogger said...

I learned to love watching sports because of my dad. It was fun watching basketball with him :)

I love your main course! Simple things bring so much fun, don't you think?

Great feast, Gracie! Happy Friday!

My feast is up at

JHS said...

The protein shake sounds good! I'm with you in the sandman trenches. I just wish I didn't have to sleep at all!

Thanks for stopping by!

Melody said...

Great feast! Am not into sports either...

Happy Friday!

Hootin Anni said...

I'm drooling here!!! Did someone say biscuits and gravy?

Happy feasting.

Sarge Charlie said...

you need some grits for breakfast

Barbara H. said...

That is an excellent book choice! And your breakfast -- not the protein shake, but the rest :-) -- sounds scrumptious. A lot of great ideas in your main course!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Gill said...

Lovely feast. There are still lots of options that don't cost a fortune, you just have to look for them.

Sandee said...

Love the biscuits and gravy. Can't have them very often though. This aging isn't for sissies. Have a great FF. :)

BeccA's Buzz said...

If you are every in St. Louis, you have to go to Uncle Bill's Pancake house. They have the exact breakfast you described and they are open 24/7!!
Great feast!!

Michelle said...

LOL about the sports. I've never read the "Book of Virtues," I'll have to check it out.

Thanks for stopping by!

Frances D said...

I guess sporting events better nto count on us!
Mmmmm hash browns.
You can do a lot with 10 bucks that's for sure.
Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for visiting.

Constance said...

Happy Friday to you, Gracie !

Lady of Musotopia said...

Mmmmm... hashed brown potatoes! I had such a massive craving for them in the last month! (despite not having eaten them in years!)
From your answers, you sound like a really interesting person :)
Thanks for sharing your feast and sitting in on mine - I hope you're having a lovely weekend :)

Bethany said...

I love the William Bennett book! Thanks for visiting my blog this week- I love the pic @ the top of your site, btw- beautiful!!

Kim said...

Great feast! I'm with you on the dessert. I had forgot to list hashbrowns and biscuits and gravy. There are just to many breakfast foods out there that I like to list.

Thanks for visiting mine.