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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Meme of Eight


1. I was born in Hollywood, CA in the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, which is no longer there. Both of my parents were native Californians, too.

2. I got married during spring break - from high school! Right after graduation I went to work in the family business instead of going off to college as planned. (Ooops!)

3. My first two children were born in Lakewood, CA; the third was born in Anaheim. All of our grandchildren (9), and one great-grandchild were born in California, making them 4th and 5th generation Californians! We don't get out much, do we!!!

4. My favorite scent is the ocean! I am like a dog in a car - can't wait to stick my head out the window as we near the coast and start sucking in that salty, invigorating sea air! It revitalizes my senses and energizes me.

5. Even though life has handed me many curve balls (doesn't it most of us?), and I was widowed at 30, I still believe in fairy tale endings! My second marriage has lasted 29 years and neither one of us is going anywhere until "death do us part!" I cry at sappy movies and so does he - but for Pete's sake - don't let him know I told you!

6. I've never lived anywhere but - where else - California! In fact, I've only lived in four different cities!

7. I very seldom sleep in our bed, even though we bought a really good mattress a couple of years ago. I have arthritis and am more comfortable in my recliner than anywhere else. I know, it's bad enough that I own a recliner, let alone sleep in one! In fact, we have two and they're a very nice shade of sage green. I would much rather sleep in the bed...

8. My folks weren't real big on school dances. Remember, they were born in 1917! I was honored by my high school choir director to be part of the Queen's Court for our winter prom, so my dad let me go to that one but I had to borrow a dress; my cousin asked me to attend his Senior Prom with him because he and his girlfriend had just broken up and we were best buds, going to schools that were in different leagues so no one knew I was his cousin! We had a ball! And yes, I had my own dress this time! But those were the only two school dances I went to and I'm sure the reason I do not, to this day, know how to dance!

And there you go...random but patterned after Linda's random answers. Since this one's been around the block several times I'm giving it a rest. Tag it if you haven't had a chance to do it and would like to. Just leave me a comment so I can be sure to follow up!


Crazy Working Mom said...

Great job, Gracie and WHEW...glad no one else got the re-tag! ;)

Have a good one.

Linda said...

I love the way you did this one! What a great idea!

Now - let's hope this particular meme has met its lifespan!

Travis Cody said...

I said this on another blog today...I like the way bloggers are tweaking these memes as they come around again.

Keeps everything fresh.