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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Camera Critters - Spanky

Say "hi" to my buddy, Spanky. He's a 18 year-old Nanday Conure. This picture doesn't do him justice. His flight feathers are a beautiful cobalt blue. The feathers on his breast are a soft turquoise. And I love his red socks!

I've had him since '92 when his owner's wife said, "It's me or him!" Nanday's are very possessive, very possessive! He will not let my husband touch him or hubman will be minus a finger or two. When he was going through his equivilent of teen angst, he would bite me on the face with out a reason! I was ready to show him the door but bought a book onConures. It seems when he feels threatened or frightened, he wants me to get to safety, since I'm his mate (in his world!). Biting is his way of getting attention - believe me, it does! I've had my lip pierced more than once...

But thankfully, most of the time he loves to sit and cuddle, nestling up agains my neck. He loves to give kisses - literally beak to lips! He makes little cooing noises. And that's the only time he's quiet. Nandays are like geese. They sound the alarm when danger approaches and my ear drums have been shattered more than once. They're known to be one of the loudest small parrots. I'll attest to that!

Nandays can live 30-40 years and my kids have told me to make arrangments, because they don't want him. They'd like to keep their digits!

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i beati said...

He seems to have lots of personality

Gattina said...

And he looks like an angel, lol ! so beautiful colors !

Sandee said...

Yikes. It's good you did some research to understand about these birds.

Big hug. :)

Callie Ann said...

He seems quite wonderful.. Glad you have him.

Dianne said...

I love his red socks too. and you can see how much personality he has!