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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Nothin' 'bout 'nothing....

***I missed Wordless Wednesday so this is just a post about absolutely nothing and lots of it...
We went to Costco Saturday for the first time in years! I blew out my knee about 15 years ago and all that walking and a trip off a curb made it act up again. $(*__&@^
***The weather here has been strange, but this is California! Strange is the norm. The high for the day broke the record - 79, but tomorrow it's supposed to rain and back down to 56! Yay!
***Our old, 45" big box, rear-projector TV died. We called the satellite network because we thought it might be the remote. It was on the wrong setting! That's like having the dumb thing unplugged and calling a repairman. Duh.... The color on the old one is so bad, that if I'm watching QVC and think something is pink, I have to run down to the other TV and double-check. It's usually orange! We did find a terrific deal on a 60" Mitsubishi, which is what we have now. Since we're TV junkies, it will be fun being able to see people who don't look as though they overstayed their time in the tanning booth.
***Found a joke that reminds me of me and hubman:

"When Dad's satellite dish conked out, I found him on the phone with the help desk. The TV set was pulled away from the wall, and he was staring at the mass of tangled wires spilling out the back of it. He looked absolutely overwhelmed. 'Tell you what I'm going to do,' Dad said to the technician. 'I'm going to hang up now, go to college for a couple of years, and then call you back.'" Reader's Digest - By Dana Marisca
***Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!!!


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

we are tv junkies too...

smiles, bee

Sandee said...

Yep, the weather is weird for sure. I'm so ready for spring Gracie. So ready. Okay, I want to boat every weekend.

Have a terrific weekend. Big hug. :)