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Monday, April 13, 2009

We Gave Up!

I took this quick shot as we flew by on our way to Bright House Network (cable TV). This is the infamous Bakersfield sign that used to be on the old 99 Hwy. The new freeway bypassed Union Avenue and all it was good for was to illuminate the hookers that now frequent that strip. So Buck Owens, a Bakersfield boy, bought the sign and relocated it to the Crystal Palace property. The neat thing is, you can still see it from the freeway. I'm not a big Buck Owens fan but he did care about his city. Gotta give him credit for that.

As you know, hubman and I have been held hostage by DISH TV, who, due to a legal battle, has refused to renew their contract with the local CBS and FOX affiliates. The last straw was when hubman sat down to watch the Master's golf tournament. Guess what? Yep, CBS! So we have an appointment with our previous cable company! They will give us our prior programs at 50% for a whole year and, when I back off DISH TV to their lowest rate, our savings will be lower than the regular DISH! I feel SO liberated.... Now we can watch the high brow stuff, like Survivor and Amazing Race! Yahooooooo!


Desert Songbird said...

We've not had a problem with Dish. None of the channels that we love and enjoy have been dropped, and if some have been dropped, I haven't missed them!

I wonder why your Dish is different than my Dish?????

Sandee said...

We don't have dish or cable. Gave it up a couple years back. Haven't missed it either. Cable has a tendency to up the rates for no reason. It's 24.95 then it's 34.95 and so on. Same lousy service but the rates just kept going up. When we called to cancel the service they wanted to know what we were going to do for television. They were shocked when we said we weren't going to have TV at all.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hug. :)

katherine. said...

that is interesting about the Bakersfield sign...I did not not that.

DISH contracts with the networks are usually with the local affiliates. The contracts in different parts of the state are on different schedules....and have a lot to do with what other companies are strong in the et cetera.

Hostage is the perfect word.

Linda said...

Every time I hear about Bakersfield I think about Buck Owens for some reason - I must be a strange person!

I don't give two figs about Survivor but I do like watching The Amazing Race and the various CSI programs on CBS. Of course, I usually only watch TV when I'm at work but being that I'm work so often - I guess I watch it more than I think I do!

Barb said...

I only watch House on Fox and some Science Channel stuff mostly. I could easily do without my Dish Network. You can watch almost everything online now for free. But my parents have 2 TV's on all day, everyday.

Traveling Bells said...

But if you live in the mountains as we do, we get NO TV reception at our house, forcing us to go the satellite route. Our underground utilities were put in before cable came along, so that isn't a choice either. Sigh.

Travis Cody said...

Finally got in!

I just wanted to say that I remember that sign! We used to drive to southern California on hold 99 for vacations to Disney.

And I wanted to say that my folks are having a similar problem with Direct TV and ABC. My mom has had to watch DWTS online and through youtube clips.

I'm still having trouble getting your blog to load, but I'm still catching you in Google Reader!