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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday

Promise of a Rainbow...
Stop by our lady of the sky:
Crazy Working Mom


Stine in Ontario said...

Here's hoping you see many rainbows!

Calico Crazy said...

Beautiful, I love the drama of light and dark separated by the clouds.

Calico Contemplations

EJ said...

The clouds are saying "I Dos". do your them?

Please come and see the beautiful blue sky in Donsol, Philippines

Rechie said...

what a lovelt photo of the sky...thanks for visiting mine

Traveling Bells said...

Hmmm, is that the head of a bird in the center, complete with beak and eye??? Nice...

Arlene said...

I agree, angry looking sky promises a rainbow. Hope you will catch on photo the next rainbow.

Happy weekend, Gracie - to you and yours.

Ralph said...

A sky of a rugged beauty - the storm is finally passing by and the heavens of beauty are appearing. A spiritual view, it is as if God saw the storms in our life, and offers this encouraging sky as the look of hope. A stunning capture!

Sandee said...

Wow, that's a great shot of the sky.

Have a terrific day and weekend honey. Big hug. :)

Patti said...

spectacular clouds ~ I love the dramatic shadows

Happy Sky Looking and thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Hi there:

You capture the contrast of dark and light, ominous storm and hopeful rainbow very well.

I hope you do not mind a lyrical accompaniment to your photograph. The Lyrics are from Kris Kristofferson's song "Here Comes that Rainbow Again"

The scene was a small roadside cafe,
The waitress was sweeping the floor.
Two truck drivers drinking their coffee.
And two Okie kids by the door.
"How much are them candies?" they asked her.
"How much have you got?" she replied.
"We've only a penny between us."
"Them's two for a penny," she lied.

And the daylight grew heavy with thunder,
With the smell of the rain on the wind.
Ain't it just like a human.
Here comes that rainbow again.

One truck driver called to the waitress,
After the kids went outside.
"Them candies ain't two for a penny."
"So what's it to you?" she replied.
In silence they finished their coffee,
And got up and nodded goodbye.
She called: "Hey, you left too much money!"
"So what's it to you?" they replied.

And the daylight was heavy with thunder,
With the smell of the rain on the wind.
Ain't it just like a human.
Here comes that rainbow again.

Peace and blessings for you and yoru family.

Dimple said...

Good idea-look past the end of the storm to the good and beautiful which it will bring!
Thanks for the visit!

Linda said...

I can't tell if the clouds just bumped into each other or are just pulling apart but either way, they're beautiful!

Liz said...

Stunning! Happy LATSOF!