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Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Christmas Crab

Although I don't believe in astrology, I was born under the sign of the crab, Cancer. I must admit I do have a lot of the characteristics of a moon child - some good, some not so good. I'm just thankful I do not resemble a crab physically. It would be most difficult to purchase eyeglasses, I think. And shoes? I don't think even Zappo's could help out in that department.

All of this to say, I'm a bit of a hermit, and love staying close to the hearth. I've been rather crabby recently(sorry, couldn't help it), probably a bit of the holiday blues. I find that I'm just not interesting right now and am having a hard time returning visits. Now, you all know who you are, namely: Levon, Sandee, Sandy B, Linda, Barbara and (please forgive me, because I just know I'm leaving someone very special out)........Which also leads me to the fact that I can't remember stuff. Yeah, I'd rather use that other word that starts with an "s" but I won't. I had a long chat with my cousin today (also my very best friend in the world!), and we spent a large amount of time discussing things like: "You know, that movie with what's-her-name; you know, the one who played with - darn, what's-his-name, in, shoot! What was the name of the movie he starred in with..." And on it goes! As my friend Bee says, "Got to take more fish oil pills."

So, I plan on taking some time off without any guilt as usual, and come back in a few days, with I hope, a renewed sense of humor and less sense of self - new perspective, if you will.
Love to you all. And yes, a bigger, badder me will return. Well, bigger probably.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

first of all i LOVE that photo of you and hubs in your header and next don't worry a thing about it. i forget stuff all the time. way more than i admit too! ha ha

smiles, bee

Sandee said...

Well honey I've known you for a very long time and I'm used to you disappearing from time to time. I think nothing of it. You do what you have to do. I love you and know you love me too.

As for the not remembering...Well, I'm right there with you. I have the same conversations too.

Enjoy your break. Spring is just around the corner and that always makes me feel wonderful. Big hugs. :)

Traveling Bells said...

Sweetie, don't worry your little head a bit over taking a blogging break nor on being forgetful. You are in very good company on that last part! We are all gettin' in that same boat. I have a friend who says 'it's all good.' And it is.

We'll be here when you want to come back. I like that badder part. That is sooo YOU. Big hugs, honey...

Linda said...

I was going to say something but by the time I clicked on the "Post Comment" link - I forgot what it was! Oh yeah ... that whole forgetting thing, I'm getting it down to quite the science myself and find it extremely frustrating to be thinking of a word one moment and then having it leave my head completely the next. As for remembering people on TV or in movies - nope, not happening! It's actually kind of scary when I remember to think about it!

Enjoy your break and come back when you're darned good and ready. I've been kicking around another short hiatus myself at least until after the first of the year simply because I'm just so darned tired lately. I'm thinking perhaps I should go get my iron levels checked again ... if I could only remember to make an appointment!

A big hug to my favorite Christmas crab!

CrAzY Working Mom said...

I'm with Bee...I LOVE the header photo. :)

I know what you mean about returning visits. I have the same trouble. There just seems to be no time for me to do it anymore. I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas, Gracie and that your new year is filled with joy! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and your family.

I hope that good health, joy, and love may fill all your days in 2010.