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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Little Wiglet that Wouldn't

Back in the sixties, big hair was all the fashion, especially these neat little wiglets!  They were really pretty and easy to just comb your hair up and slap in a few hair pins; you were set to go!

Sounds pretty good, no?  Well, mine was like a rabid animal that was out to get me!  I was walking through the parking lot at Knott's Berry Farm and a breeze kicked up.  My angry wiglet went flying off my head like Rocky, the squirrel, rolling over and over through the debris and leaves.  Off I went, chasing the errant hair when I noticed a car load of guys checking out the situation.  I guess they weren't animal lovers because they tried really hard to run over the squirrel!  They were laughing like drunken hunters, causing me to run all the harder, while keeping one hand over my now naked head!

I caught the poor thing and slapped it on my head, dirt, leaves and all.  The guys laughed at drove off.  I'm sure they're probably telling their grandkids about the time they chased a poor girl's pet.

Same wiglet, another story.  When I was in high school I was in the performing choir.  Our director was famous for creating the "Singing Christmas Tree," which was a scaffolding arranged like the skeleton of a Christmas tree.  There was rope providing a way of climbing up and also on which to hang Christmas lights.
We all wore green choir robes which were heavy and certainly not intended for climbing!  I had a duet so my spot was right under the star on top so I had some serious climbing to do!  To create a dramatic effect, and not have the audience watch us scramble up the tree, like monkeys, the lights were off.  As soon as we were all in place the Christmas lights went on, and the candles we were holding were turned on.  It was always quite awesome.

During my awkward climb, my poor little wiglet got hung up in the rope causing it to go askew.  So now I had the task of climbing up the scaffold, holding on to my choir robe, my candle, and now my hair!  It was tilting over the side almost to my ear.  Talk about cockeyed!  I managed to reposition it and reattach it with the hair pins.  When the house lights were turned on I was all in one piece, albeit with a slightly off kilter head of hair.
(This is a link about the tree and its creator, Mr. Alex Encheff, the best teacher I ever had, bar none.  Sarge may be interested that the choir in subsequent years participated in events at Pearl Harbor, the first to do so)

One more tale (no pun intended!)...I was restocking inventory in the shop, hanging stuff on pegboard.  There were metal hangers hooked to the pegboard on which the item was hung.  I bent over to pick up some product and when I stood up, the wiglet was - yep!  You guessed it - hanging on the hook, leaving me looking like a nitwit.  I grabbed that puppy (or squirrel!) off the hook, slapped in on my head and went to the stockroom, horrified, wondering how many people had seen that gruesome display.

Remember, these events happened when I was 16-17, subject to much embarrassment.  When I told my mom what happened, she said "Have you thought of using bobby pins instead of hair pins?"  Duh....


Regina said...

Hilarious..these were the best stories I've read in awhile!! Oh and those mean guys trying to run it over like that (lol)! Well, I enjoyed the Christmas tree and your fine wiglet adventures.
That was a touching tribute, what a kind many nice things were said about him.
Anyhow, I enjoyed your post tonight. Wishing you a great tomorrow~

Anonymous said...

Oh how I'm busing a laugh over the guys running over the wiglet. I'm sorry, I can't help but do that. It' was probably Hank and his buddies. He would do something like that.

Have a wonderful day. Btw, thanks for the magazine link. I'll keep my eyes peeled for that. Looks good.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh honey i'm so sorry but i had to laugh anyway! you are a good sport!

smiles, bee

Linda said...

Oh my gosh, you poor kid! I think I'd have died many, many deaths and just said to hecks with it and gone with my own hair! Ah well, the things we do to look good, huh?

I've heard of the Singing Christmas Tree - so cool that you were a part of it!

Traveling Bells said...

What stories! Loved 'em! I think I would have given up on the wiglet after that first episode:) There is no embarrassment quite like those teen-aged embarrassments we've all had.

Thanks for the smiles. Big hugs, honey...