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Friday, April 01, 2011

Well, another week has gone by!  I guess the earthquake really did knock the earth off it's axis - we're spinning out of control!  Every morning I wake up, make my protein shake (every a.m. for ten years!), and turn on Fox.  Meghan Kelly is my favorite in the a.m.  I wait to see what the craziest thing of the day will be, and sometimes it's really hard to choose!  Between Chucky Schumer's ad libs (ha, ha!) and the President's odd ball group of cronies (boo!), radiation spilling into the Pacific....  And yet, no one will tell the truth.  Maybe Obama needs to hire an astrologist.  I think he uses a dart board to plan his dirty deeds.

Okay....enough of that joyful stuff!  It's Friday p.m. and I'm watching True Crime stuff; hubbys' watching a Doobie Brothers DVD.  We went to Costco yesterday to pick up my meds.  Costco is the cheapest place for prescriptions.  Having no insurance, I was going to have to pay over $300 just for one.  Costco is so cheap it's actually less than what I paid with a co-pay with Blue Cross! 

We stopped at Marie Calendar's for an early dinner.  I call it Old Fogie Hour.  The geriatric crowd seems to love MC's.  The prices have really gone up and the food just didn't seem as good as usual.  Our favorite Mexican restaurant changed hands and the new chef isn't cutting it.  Ay Carumba!  Our old faithful Mom and Pop Mex restaurant has finally closed it's doors for good.  Most of the places are too cookie-cutter for our taste buds, so we're on a replacement hunt.  We like the authentic stuff .  Now that funds are dwindling I guess we'll have to settle for Taco Bell (ugh!).

The photo at top?  I took it at the park several months ago and played around with it.  With the sepia tones it reminds me of an Asian screen print.  I kinda like it.

The "kids" are driving me nuts.  Homer loves chew toys.  The problem is he devours them!  The stuffed babies don't have any stuffing left after a couple of hours, so I have to be vigilant to make certain he doesn't eat it.  He chews up hard rubber toys, too.  He and Katie love to play tug-of-war with them, and they act like kids.  Katie will steal a baby and run outside with it with Homer at her heels.  Next thing we know, Homer comes flying through the den with Katie at his heels - and so it goes.  I buy them chew bones and treats but they are too expensive for every day.  Never a dull moment! 

It was in the high 80's today, the highest of the year.  I know you guys that are battling snow would change places with me in a heart beat, but I prefer the 60's-70's.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow (yay!) and then back in the 60's Sunday.  Our rain fall for the year is double the normal and I'm thrilled.  Time to get the hoe and do some prep for the flower beds.  My favorite time of the year!

Happy weekend to all of you! 


Anonymous said...

yup, that first paragraph sums it all up!

I wake up, wtch the news (mouth agape) and exclaim "what the heck?" daily...

I'm sorry to hear about your Mexican joint. Yes, food prices are going to be sky high. Thank goodness I know how to cook. Imagine the kids now as parents who don't know how to cook... scary thought.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

hi sweetie! you are back! i love that photo, seriously love it! it's in the mid 80's here and i am sure happy about that!

we don't eat out much any more. sometimes i get delivery from a nearby place and sometimes we get a carry out and bring it home. don't know why. we used to eat out all the time. something about liking to eat in my jammies in front of the tv maybe? ha ha

smiles, bee

Sandee said...

The weather yesterday was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

Traveling Bells said...

Lovely photo. Cost of Rx: not so lovely. Sigh. And no Costco here in Mayberry.

Big hugs from chilly GA...

Regina said...

So you did take that photo?! I think it's Asian sceen print is just what it reminds me of too!!
Well, I enjoyed your post..maybe because I happen to enjoy Meghan Kelly as well..oh, and well I'm at it Glenn Beck. (lol)..loved the dart board remark too!! It's the truth and the fact they can't tell it but probably wouldn't know it if it bit somewhere in the rear?!! I really hope you hang on..I always wanted a place to throw a few political zings in! ha ha.
I love happens to be on the other side of the island but is well worth the trip. That's too bad about the restaurants..I know what you mean about Taco Bell (my husband's idea of Mexican food)..but that's cause he wasn't raised in California! I'm on a hunt for a double espresso maker. I picked up a CHEAP-O regular coffee maker but may return it. I think we need to do another run.
Your dog's name is Homer(what a kick) dog's stuffed toys are in perfect condition (snicker).
Well, I'm happy you posted and didn't forget to stop by!! I certainly hope you have a wonderful weekend..your blogging chum~

LAC said...

Wow, first I love the picture. I love egrets, herrons, all kinds! Makes you wonder how the branches don't bend from their weight.

Second, I had no idea Marie Calendars was a real restaurant. I just thought they were a frozen food maker. Hahaha.

Third, I am glad to see a post, hope you have a great Monday!