---Alice Abrams

Monday, August 21, 2006

Echoes of Frustration...

We talked with the realtor about the property in Stallion Springs and it's a no-go. Since it's so close to the golf course, they don't allow modulars on the property. We're really disappointed but realize that there's something up there just waiting for us.

I dug out all the photos I took and there are a couple of other locations we didn't even get to, so Saturday morning, bright and early, we'll head up the hill again, take more pics and see what we can find.
Also, we're very disappointed that the real estate market has chosen this time to bottom out. If we'd sold this time last year, we'd probably been outta here in two weeks. Now, the average time is 2-3 months on the market. We've taken the price down but still haven't heard anything. We just have to keep our faith up and know that it's not our timing that's important. I'm hanging on by a thread!

I especially like this picture. It shows the dark storm in the background but the sun on the path. Is the storm approaching or leaving? Either way, we know the sun will return. The storm of 2006 may not be over but I have to believe the sun will shine on my back again one day.

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