---Alice Abrams

Monday, August 07, 2006

Echoes of Oaks

Yesterday, we trekked up the hill to Tehachapi and Stallion Springs to check out several properties for sale. We found several we liked in Golden Hills, which is on the outskirts of Tehachapi. We tromped around in weeds and grasses, "scoping out the terrain" and taking photos. After a few hours of this we were famished so we headed back into town and the only restaurant we've ever eaten in there - which I might add - is always good.

After banishing the hunger headaches, we started out again, map in hand, to Stallion Springs, which is 20 minutes outside of Tehachapi, heading west.
After driving around in circles looking for properties I'd marked, we decided to check out the other side of the golf course. Wally spotted a property right on the course, so naturally, he wanted to stop and pick up a flier. The property was bordered by a lot of trees and brush and as he reached for the flier, he heard a rustling and saw a deer loping off (do deer "lope?"). The lot was a little pricey so we took off and kept driving. Suddenly, we found ourselves on an island of lots, one of which was being developed. This area has huge, ancient oaks and gigantic out-croppings of moss covered rocks that stand almost as tall as a house! The lot we really like is 1/2 an acre, with 2 oaks, tons of rocks (literally) and room plenty for a house. It's also within our price range!

The scary part is seeing if a septic tank will work. I guess we'd have to see if a test has been done for water percolation. The water table is weird up there. One site will be okay for a septic and the one next to it won't. We'd also have to be on propane. The gas line stops one street over because of the rock. Since we're doing a modular, I'm not too worried about digging for a foundation and fighting bedrock as in a "stick" house. But what do I know? As with all things new, I'm sure I'll learn about a lot of things I'd just as soon not!

As I stood outside the car while Wally walked over to chat with a man who was out walking his dog, I noticed the silence around me. There was an occasional car in the distance but the immediate area faces no subdivision. The silence fell upon me like a friend, the stillness welcome after the "busyness" of my mind. Already the air began to cool even though it had been 94 degrees. The mountains are wonderful that way! To the east, I could see the moon beginning to peek over the mountaintop.

I watched a group (flock, herd, tribe???) of brownish orange dragonflies dance their final ballet of the day before heading for their nighttime abode. They shimmered in the remaining light as they swooped and fluttered around me. They exhibit a graceful motion I'll never have in this life!

Wally was able to glean that there is a family of bobcats at the end of the block; there's been a mountain lion sighting recently, with footprints to prove it! There are myriad racoons, squirrels and rabbits (and an occasional snake).

We don't know if this is the place the Lord has in mind for us, but it is a visual and spiritual feast. The next few years will be full of excitement and wonder, grace abounding!

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