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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Echoes of Fun and Fonts

Kaysar...the most beautiful face on Big Brother -whatever number it was. I have always had a "thing" for dark, swarthy guys. He sure fit the bill, and was a gentleman, to boot! Who says reality TV is all bad???
Played around with the new settings on the blog and think I'll try this template for a while. It's not as glaring as the other one, although I loved the contrast of the dark blue with the photos.
I love color and contrasts, light against dark and shadows. It's always intriguing to see what color can do to lighten a mood or darken it.
Studies show that even the worst of prisoners respond to the color pink. I don't think my son-in-law would like the fed prison painted pink inside. (He's a C.O.). Red is definitely a stimulus and it's why it's used in so many restaurants and dining rooms. It promotes appetite and conversation. That's why I tend to move towards shades of greens. They're cool and comforting. I went through the orange/turquoise/olive green stage; now I want peace and languid solitude, someplace where I can dream of being by a stream, shaded by ferns and tall, aromatic pines.
My youngest took off for England yesterday with her friend, Gail. They're going to Paris for a day. I told her to be certain to wear an American flag pin and forego wearing deodorant. Yeah, like that will happen. Last time she was in England, she was with her son's soccer club and they didn't get in a lot of sight-seeing, so they're planning on tons of that and some shopping. Harrod's should be gorgeous, what with all the decorations this time of year!
One more bit of news about her. She took off her husband's wedding band. She's been wearing it on a chain around her neck ever since he died (April '05). She's got a guy...They've only been dating a couple of months but she seems so happy!!! She just told me because he's an employee and she was afraid I'd be worried. He's volunteered to quit and find something else so it won't be an issue. He has a real estate license but as we all know, that's kinda rough right now! He just got it when the market started tilting. He's 38, been in the Navy, he's a believer, has a six-year-old daughter...Have to see what happens. She is anxious for us to meet him when she returns from "Jolly Old England."

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may said...

Hi! I'm coming again !(^O^)/
You change the this template.
The bofore is good, I like this one much more. Light back colors makes photo and your proses attracting more attention, I think.

So, Kaysar,I haven't seen him,is very nice guy. I love TV problam of US.