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Friday, November 03, 2006

Echoes of "Now What!"

This is all I want...just a place with lots of ferns and cool, cool water. I'm on a Merry-Go-Round again. The places we like in Tehachapi won't permit manufactured homes and the places that will are on the windward side and in the middle of a sagebrush meadow. The windmill farms are on that side of the valley, also, just in case the point isn't brought home well enough. There's WIND galore! Okay, the only other places available are Sand Canyon, yes, it's sandy and all the hippies live over there with the Bhuddists, which might be okay. Except for the sand...Then, there's Alpine which is very descriptive. It's HIGH. Snow and things like that, along with no paved roads or utilities in certain areas. So...back to the drawing board. Tehachapi isn't out entirely, just have to step back a pace. Lots of people are moving up there in manufactured housing. We'll just have to talk to the right ones.

Sitting here on a Friday afternoon, bummed out. Yesterday's Open House which was designed to draw moms in from the school didn't work out and now we're going to have to drop the price again. We started at $350K and are now taking it down to $325K.
Last weekend and again last night I started looking at places near Lynne's, high dessert and up north. Then the phone rang. It was Lynne! Her friend, Tony, a realtor, was doing some footwork for her to see if he could help us out in anyway.
Bless you, Lynne!!! And Tony, for his help. He's going to check out some land down in that area, too. Maybe I'll wind up somewhere closer to Lynne. That would be wonderful!

This Merry-Go-Round will stop one day and just knowing that someone cares as much as Lynne does makes my heart happy.

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