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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Games

Before I learned about the wonderful world of blogging, I used to spend a lot of time in the evening playing games. I soon tired of Solitaire and stumbled on "Real Arcade." I've been on board with them for a couple of years and have about 100 games loaded but these are the ones I play the most frequently. Besides word games, I love the shoot 'em up stuff, along with matches.
I've read all sorts of information that tells me that as we age, we need to learn new skills. Well, this is mine! Be alert. The world needs new "lerts." Okay, I know it's old but it's still funny!

Age of Japan
The Rise of Atlantis
Phlinx to Go
Mahjong Escape - Anchient China
Mystery case Files - Prime Suspects
Aloha Solitaire
Word Mojo Gold
Big Kahuna Words
Inca Quest
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Anonymous said...

Great list, Grace. I'm so tempted, but waste too much time on here without playing games too, haha.

Happy T13!

Anonymous said...

All I know is Aloha Solitaire and Scrabble :)

Happy TT!

Constance said...

Happy Thursday to you Gracie ! How are you doing ?

The only card game I know how to play is solitaire ! A very simple version !

Canasta used to be fun. And my parents used to like Bridge --

Hope that all is weel with you. Will go over to your other blog today and see what has been going on ! And I have time to check out some of your other posts here, too !

It has been busy with school and everything. I've cyber-missed you !

Loving Annie

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

I used to play some games too. Some of your I recognize but i do not have the time any more!! Now with all that I do i am fortunate if i get one game in now and then. GREAT List though.
Need to get my blog written this morning before I head out for my few hours of work. Blessings to you this day, Gracie..Sandy

Lazy Daisy said...

I'm the Snood Queen myself. Quite a list Gracie!

Suprina said...

what a great list!
Happy T13!

Hootin Anni said...

I love to play scrabble, as a board game. Now the Inca Quest sounds really interesting!

Lee Ann aka Dixie said...

Excellent list Gracie... I too use to play those games... my favorite is Scarbble.


Denise Patrick said...

Ooooh, I love Scrabble and Word Mojo Gold. I haven't played Big Kahuna Words. Hmmm. Can you tell I love word games?

Great TT!

Cinnamon Girl said...

I LOVE solitaire =)

Mo and The Purries said...

I love Phlinx!
And Poppit.
Age of Atlantis was fun, but like the DaVinci Code game, got old for me quick.
I'll have to check out some of your other recommendations sometime (not that I don't have a zillion other things to do...)

Sandee said...

I too play the ones below. They are quite fun too.

Age of Japan
Mahjong Escape - Anchient China
Mystery case Files - Prime Suspects
Aloha Solitaire

I love games like Mystery Case Files because it's fun to find everything that is hidden. Great TT Gracie. Have a great day. :)

katherine. said...

not much of a gamer....kinda worried I get

Travis Cody said...

I enjoy Mahjong...I could play it all night long. Another of my favorites is Spider Solitaire.

Anonymous said...

Love to play The rise of atlantis, Im glad I had this game right now. :D