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Monday, May 02, 2011

Definitely Not a Good Thing!!!

Bakersfield is the nation's most polluted city

Photo: David Jordan

MSA: Bakersfield, Calif.

Worst county: Kern County

PM2.5 annual design value (2007-2009): 22.6

Total population: 807,400 people potentially exposed

We make either the top or bottom of so many lists!  We're at the very southern end of a valley. and the wind blows all the junk from the bay area, where it sits blocked in by mountains.  It's another reason so many of us have asthma, sinus infections, and valley fever.  And we get Tule (toolie) fog, which like the air, hangs in the lowest places and holds in all of the particulate matter (and causes way too many wrecks!).  

Honestly, we can drive to the coast for a day, and you can feel the pressure start receding.  When you drive home over the Grapevine (Hwy 99) and start the decline you can see the brown stuff hanging over the valley.   Move?  Where.  How.  All of our kids are here...Maybe a mass exodus is needed!

I've gotta go use my Netti Pot!


Sandee said...

Well I live near Modesto, California and it has a lot of BAD firsts too. You probably know them all. I can so relate to this as our air isn't all that great either.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh honey that's awful! sarge would have fits trying to breathe there. so sorry...

hugs, bee

Regina said...

Lol)..I feel your pain. Well I remember the smog in W. Covina and now that I'm living here on the Big Island, we have Vog (volcanic emissions). The east side Hilo) of the island where I am we have enough trade winds but periodically we get it real bad, with no relief!! On the W. side (Kona), its terrible. Anyway, I know what you mean about moving..we've asked ourselves that too.
Well, I haven't got anything up- no post since Easter time? (sniff) I've been working outside trying to get a garden in and do something a little more physical)? I thought it would be good to take a little break too.
Anyhow, hope you are doing good:)

Traveling Bells said...

Basically clean air is another reason we love living here in nawth jawjah. Wish I could send ya some!

Big hugs, honey...

Linda said...

Ugh, Tule fog ... I so remember that from Stockton and hating every single minute of it. I cannot recall anything more depressing or bone-chilling and that includes the fog that we get around here on occasion!

I remember being totally shocked when I lived in San Bernardino to look out one chilly morning and see that there were mountains practically in our backyard - mountains that I never even knew were there for over 6 months because the smog and pollution had hidden them.

It's so sad that a state as beautiful as California has such bad air quality in so many places. Rather heartbreaking when you get right down to it, huh?

Good luck with the Netti Pot!

Regina said...

Hey there..interesting about your Grandfather. My mom's side there were farmers and bakers- at least that I know of. Your right about the fern..I tried to get the right name on-line but many photos just showed the leaves (not unfurled). This is unusual in that its white with tiny hairs of brown (not seen in the photo) but the undersides of the leaves are silvery too. (hard to photograph) Well I just did a post on some ferns anyway.
Ya, the emissions were so bad a couple years ago that agriculture was dramatically effected..just ruined foilage (flowers) which is really bad. But ya, it was so dense you could breathe it right it! Kona side looks just like LA- most of the time on a bad day (serious) sad...) (You know I actually put a link in at the end of last post and you can see the vog)
Anyhow..wishing you a lovely day (after all this huh, ha)

Regina said...

Just wanted to say I appreciated your comments on my bloggy and on the Bonhoeffer (I left a response) I was rather surprised at how few knew who he was too? Thanks-
Anyhow, I came by to wish you a Happy Mother's Day..hope your weekend is the best:)