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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Time for a Laugh!

Little "factoids" amuse me.  I love hearing things that make you shake your head and go, "WHAT?"  And not in a political way, either!  Just little snippets of info that make us smile and amuse us...

My favorite:  It is a law in France that you have to provide your toilet to anyone who suffers from Crohn's Disease.  Seriously, sufferers have a card issued to them by their doctors that oblige anyone who is the lucky recipient of a knock on the door to provide use of your restroom.  Can you image having a total stranger knock at your door and you have to let them in???  Well, it is France, after all.....


*SPAM makes excellent furniture polish (Uh, I'll pass!).
*SPAM can steam-proof your mirrors.  When showering rub spam on your mirrors. (Uh, don't think so!).
*SPAM makes excellent fishing bait (Now that might work!).

*Peanut butter:  Former senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona, once shaved with peanut butter while on a camping trip (for best results, avoid shaving with extra crunchy!
*Grease a car or truck axle.  George Washington Carver developed axle grease from peanuts.  (I think Jiffy Lube might be cheaper!)
*Bait a mouse trap with peanut butter!  Unfortunately, I know this works!

*Coca-Cola:   Clean a toilet bowl.  Pour a can of Coke into the toilet bowl and let the Real Thing sit for one hour, then brush and flush clean.  (When do you add ice?)
*Remove grease from clothes.  Empty a can of Coke into a load of greasy work clothes, add detergent, and run through a regular wash cycle.  (These "handy hints" sure aren't cheap!)
*Shaking up a bottle of Coke for use as a douche immediately after sexual intercourse has been considered an effective method of contraception among the uneducated.  It does not work. (Holy Krap!  Wonder when they caught on - after the 9th or 10th kid?) 

"Every cloud has a silver lining, and soon they'll 
figure out how to tax us for that, too...."


Sandee said...

I love them all. Some I'd heard before and some I hadn't. People amaze me too.

Have a terrific day Gracie. Big hug. :)

Anonymous said...

Coca Cola... seriously? Bwahahahaahahahahaha!

Have a great day, my dear... hugs!

Regina said...

Lol))..I forgot to check the France link. We've been having power outages this morning and I left your page open to go have breakfast..that is bizarre! Wonder who thought of that one!? I've heard of the benefits of coke (ha). Shaving with Peanut butter (hope it was Jiff)..the mouse trap I think we may of done that along with cheese! Geeze..some of these are wild. I heard Portuguese women used WD40 for arthritis?? Hmm, sounds safer than "the real thing" for douche (ha ha)!! Wonder about coke in a washer? Spam- boy you'd think it was one of the major food groups in joke!
I actually have to use Super Clean for husband's greesy work clothes. Thankfully he is neat and never had the bad habbit of wiping his hands on his clothes (he's a mechanic). Anyway, really enjoyed your comments on my last post. I've been really wiped out but may get a post up this weekend. Have a good one!

Traveling Bells said...

Another use for Coke--spray on new concrete and it will slow down the drying process:) Jill of many trades says so.

Big hugs, honey...