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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Echos From Hawai'i

I talked to my daughters today. They were lounging on the beach in Hawai'i, drinking Mai Tai's, watching the boys scuba through the bay. Technology is incredible! Thousands of miles away - they're sunbathing and I'm able to experience with

them, the sights and sounds of the ocean. The boys found some giant sea turtles and swam alongside with them. Kyle was able to take hold of one's shell and allow it to propel him along.

They ventured out on the lava fields last night, flash lights in hand, following the guide over cravasses and over steaming lava beds. They watched the red hot lava churn out over the sea and sizzle as it falls into the water and steam. Corinne and Kyle ruined their shoes; Matt fell and hovered over a cravasse; Bob hurt his knee. It wouldn't have been a good trek for me to try! They had so much fun in spite of the mishaps. The boys thought it was something, out walking on hot lava.

During the day, they hiked up the paths of waterfalls, finding pools where people were swimming languidly. I love the tropical waterfalls. The mist is refreshing as it falls on your skin. The smell of the air, pumped full of oxygen from the plant life, cools your lungs and revitalizes you.

Oh, do I love the islands!

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