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Friday, August 10, 2007

Calling all Texans!!!

Anyone out there know much about TEXAS?!?!? My daughter, who works for the Federal Bureau of Prisons (Accountant) is looking for a promotion and one position is in Beaumont, TX; the other is in Three Rivers, which is in between San Antonio and Corpus Christi. She was also looking at a position in Ray Brook, N.Y., but after I did some sleuthing for her, she decided that wasn't where she wanted to be, due to the winters.

Seriously, any info anyone may have would be greatly appreciated!!!


Desert Songbird said...

Sorry, Gracie, but I know next to nothing about TX. I know where Beaumont is, but I know nothing about the quality of life there.

I know that Corpus is very Hispanic. A former colleague of mine was from there, and she is part Hispanic. Corpus is the home town of the late singer, Selena.

I'm no help, am I? Sorry!

Katie said...

I live in Oklahoma City... and we drive down to Dallas a couple times a month.

I don't know anything about the quality of life. lots of hispanic people. um... some good parts some bad. But the cost of living is pretty good and they have all sorts of neat stuff....

Ron Simpson said...

I have been to San Antonio twice in the past year on vacation. I love it there. It can get hot in the summers, but it is beautiful and has a lot of stuff to do. we went to Corpus Christi two weeks ago. It is larger than you would think, and has a beach! The kids had fun. Three Rivers is off of I37. There is not much there. It is beautiful country. But if she has kids, it might not be so hot.

Beuamont is near Houston, on the Louisiana border area. I like Houston. We went there on our honeymoon. It is near thebeach too. Texas is great.