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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Nice Matters" Award

How do you thank someone for being nice? "Crazy Working Mom" is one of the blogosphere's best! She is married to a wonderful guy and has two precious munchkins that she is head-over-heels in love with; yet she is like a lot of you - she works full time outside of the home, too! Hence her blog name!

She has honored me with the neatest award: Nice Matters Award, and here is what she said:

"Gracie from Echos of Grace is such a kind hearted person. I love her quirky posts. She is so heart felt about everything she says. She doesn't hold anything back and that is my favorite part of Gracie. She tells it like it is! Thank you, Gracie...for being YOU!"

In some circles, being nice is not the "in" thing to be, but in my little world, I'd much rather be known for being nice than rich! Thanks, CWM!!!

Now comes the hard part: I have to choose people to pass this along to and right off the bat, I can think of at least 50! Okay, deep breath. I hate this part...

Crazy 4 Pink This is my youngest blogging buddy. She's just getting started and doing a real good job. She's getting ready to move and it's right before school so drop by and let her know she's gonna be just fine!

Asara This lady has one tender heart and took some pretty difficult steps recently in her life. She works hard and is a full-time people-pleaser. People gravitate to her because of her warmth and wittiness - all in one package!

Katie's Reading... Katie's is one of the first blogs I found when I started out. She is a voracious reader and is a writer, as well. Her reviews are wonderful and I actually placed a book in my Amazon wishlist based on her review! She's one of blogdoms brightest and is sure to go places...and on top of that? She's a nice as heck!

Mel This young lady has seen more heartbreak in her tender years than most of us will see in a lifetime, after losing her fiance to the war in Iraq. But she continues on, attending a wedding tonight, where her fallen hero will be honored. If you want nice with an edge, go visit Mel's blog. She is one strong young woman who would love to share her hero's story with you.


Carrie said...

Awww *blush* Thanks Gracie :) I know what you mean.. I can think of so many people to pass this on to! *HUGS*

Melissa Murphy said...

Thank you Gracie! :) You are so sweet!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Gracie. Thanks for commenting on my blog... That was fun!

Sarge Charlie said...

Gracie, you are a winner, and maybe the nicest person on the blogsphere. I told Mel she is my hero, and she tried to disclaim it, but she is truly a hero.

Desert Songbird said...

A well deserved award for one nice person - that's you!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

you are the nicest of the nice honey!

smiles, bee

Katie said...

Thank you so much Gracie! You've made my day :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats, do deserve it. I ♥ you! :)