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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Sphinx on the Loose!

I have to start by apologizing to my cousin, Lynne, who will be going "Oh yuck!!!"

Our dog, Homer, thinks these Sphinx Moths make the best toys ever, but he thinks he's a cat.   This time of year they're thick around the lights outside and yes, they're huge.  He had one last night which got loose and was flying about the den, and I honestly thought at first it was a Hummingbird!  We haven't had one quite as big as the one pictured, but pretty darned close.

Poor Wally.  It's his job to catch and release.  When possible.  Most of the poor things are munched to death, but the few that survive get released out front where he can't get to them - except I'm thinking all of the feral neighborhood cats will be feasting.

Ah, spring has sprung!


Anonymous said...

that is a big moth... That would freak me out a bit. But they don't buzz, so it's an itty bitty freak. There's a butterfly exhibit at the local botannical gardens. I think when things settle down here, I may get hubby to come with me and bring his camera.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

wow that is a big un'!

smiles, bee

Traveling Bells said...

I'll trade our snakes for your moths! :)

Big hugs, honey...

LAC said...

Never knew those were called sphinx moths. We have clearwing moths that are very similar. I try to get pics of them often on our butterfly bush each year.

Have a beautiful day!

Sandee said...

Our Little Bit used to do the very same thing. Most never made it. It was such fun for her. Not so much for the moth though.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

Linda said...

I guess I can see where they might make for a rather appealing "toy" for a four-footed furry!

Regina said...

The top does look like the hummingbirds I wish we had. We have one moth that looks like one and we call it the Hawaiian hummingbird..more yellow. There is one which is kind of new (stinging nettle) it isn't picky and true to its name - it leaves a nasty welt that really itches!! I've found those bug zappers work pretty good in addition to spray?
Well, wishing you a wonderful Easter:)