---Alice Abrams

Monday, October 16, 2006

Echoes of Fall

Fall...The Fall ushered sin into this world; the season, fall decrees the death of all my tender annuals. Two unpleasant concepts. Here's yet another: I'm in the fall of my life. That's a scary thought! What's around the next bend? Winter. Oh joy. And I've always liked winter.

Fall is my least favorite season. I know, I know, people always go on and on about the beautiful fall colors. All it means is that the leaves are dying and are about to drop from the trees that have nutured them since they were little buds. The circle of life thing...and on and on it goes. I see the beauty in it but I also find it morbid and depressing. Phooey on fall! It's phoney but it's just like life. We put bodies in caskets with makeup on them, for Pete's sake, who ever Pete is. I guess we buy fake orange leaves as centerpieces for our tables to disguise the fact that fall equals death of the beauty of nature. The only good thing about it is that it brings relief from the stifling heat here in the valley.

Can you tell that I'm a spring person? The excitement of planting things and watering them and watching them grow and killing, that's real and dirty. I love the smell of fresh dirt and the feel of my hands in soil. I'm a nuturer, not a bagger of dead leaves.

Fall...the season of my life.

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