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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Echoes of "Reason to Not Fall..."

Here's a photo of the biggest reason to pull myself together and try a little harder.
This is us at Christmas, 2005 at Corinne's. He's getting ready to take off in a WWII fighter plane, a dream come true. This is Wally and Zoe, his Mini-Schnauzer, and canine love-of-life.

He has stood by me and all my craziness, migraines, IBS, Chronic Fatigue (or whatever the heck it is); BiPolar/Mania/Depression. Then there were out-of-control teenagers, drinking, drugs, pregnancies. Through the grace of God, He got us through the worst life has to offer and spun us through on to the next stage of life.
Our children are wonderful examples of God's promises. They were taught the truth as children and as adults, they came back to the church and are faithful to their Lord and Saviour. Now, what do I have to be depressed about? That is why I am convinced it is a physical manifestation. But so many Christian err in their belief that depression is a spiritual disease. Now that physicians are finding more and more about how the brain functions, it appears that those pills I have to take serve a purpose. Although I do believe prayer can heal any part of our bodies, if it is to be it will happen.

Wally is my mainstain. I just worry that I'm going to wear him out. I love him so much...

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