---Alice Abrams

Friday, October 13, 2006

Echoes of "I Want Off..."

I know exactly how this turtle feels about life. If I've learned anything, it's DO NOT MAKE PLANS. They are destined to fall apart. Nothing is for certain. As my favorite tee-shirt says, "Life Sucks, Then You Die."

It's mid-October and I figured that, when we listed the house in July, we'd be settled some place by now. Ha! The joke's on me. The clock is ticking...the second month we've had to borrow our house payment. I realize that, without assistance, we'd be facing bankruptcy and worse. I thank God for the help we're receiving, but at the same time, I'm just deflated. I'm in limbo, Wally is getting depressed and here we sit, waiting for our future. Don't read the real estate section for potential homes...they've all been sold. Now, I find out that the park we hoped to move into has extremely strict rules on pets (one) and now I'm worried about where we'll wind up and our safety. I don't want to live in some methamphetamene heaven where we're scared to sleep at night.

Plans - don't make any. Be prepared for the worst and then some. Be the perpetual pessimist. The glass is half empty. Be assured that your loved ones will be torn from you too soon and that this life basically stinks. You can plan all you want but what happens when the neurons in your brain short-circuit and you can't work any longer??? Just ask me...I'll tell you all about the plans that never came to fruition.

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