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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Baby, It's Cold Outside!!!

Records are made to be broken and we might just do that tonight and the following few days. We actually had to wrap our pipes tonight! This is the central valley in California and we're not used to a freeze warning, with overnight lows in the low 20's. I bundled up a bunch of potted plants on the front and back porches and brought in the rest of my tropicals so the guest bathroom tub is full of greenery! I draped the stuff outside with plastic trash bags and some bubble wrap and have my fingers crossed!

Our high today was 46, which isn't unusual for this time of the year but it is usually accompanied by fog, which keeps the overnight lows at or above freezing. The "Artic Express" that is bringing this cold front is blowing out the tule fog so the air is clear. There's also a chance of snow on the valley floor for Saturday. The last time we had snow was in 1999 and there was quite a bit of it on the ground.

I adore these cold days. Most of my friends think I'm nuts (I'm use to that...) in that I detest the hot summers here. But the heat is so oppressive and the cold is invigorating. You can throw on warm clothes, light a fire - when the fire nazis give you permission, that is - drink coffee or chai tea, swathe in sweats, a soft throw and a good book. My dog loves to cuddle and that provides extra warmth, so we're good to go! (And I cheat - the thermostat is set at 65!)

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