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Monday, January 15, 2007

Crabby Ol' Me...

Cancer is my sign (I love Steve Martin's rejoinder to that line: "I'm a Feces myself...") and I'm a typical crab today. I couldn't find a pic of a hermit crab because that would be more fitting! I'd love to crawl into my shell and stay there.

What a crappy day! I have spent more hours than I care to think about trying to get my laptop to print to my PC, which the cable guy screwed up (and I can't follow the instructions to fix it because I downloaded the software online and do not have a disc to insert - although I'd like to insert something into the cable guy!). Being tech deficient I'm about to pull out my remaining hair! I'm so spoiled from working with some of the best IT people in town, and now that I'm off on perm disability I can't pick up the phone and yell "Come save me!" anymore. I don't have the funds to call the Geek Squad this month so I will continue to stress. I leave stuff alone for ages because I know I don't have the skills to fix it, then the manic side kicks in and I just HAVE to get it fixed so I spend hours torturing my psyche and overloading all of those delicate little neurons in my brain, and sometimes I swear, I can hear the short circuiting going on and sparks flying out of my ears.

You know how ticked off you get when you load a program and you go through all of the processes and right down to the last one and it's "ERROR." Crap. I know it's some dumb little hitch I can't locate but for friggin' sakes! Then I can't get "Outlook Express" to run, mainly because I want all of those cute little Incredimail thingies. Now, that's pathetic. When OE wouldn't work before, I just let it go and when I needed to email someone or a company who uses OE, I just used my Road Runner account or Yahoo. But now I need it and it isn't cooperating. E-mail just isn't the same w/o all those cute little animated cuties, right? I know, the world is going to Hell in a hand basket and I want cute e-mail. Pathetic.
And on top of that, my darlin' best friend, my dear cuz, e-mailed to let me know her on/off guy of some 40+ years, has once again destroyed that spark of hope that just won't go away. She is (as I told her earlier and I'm adding it here because I want her to read it again!) vivacious, vibrant, giving, loving, caring, beautiful and smart! She deserves better, much better and I'm rooting for her to let go and find peace within herself (and find someone who will honor her!).
She has so much to give and this man will rue the day he finally blew out the spark for the last time.

And to top it all off, she works for a group of clowns that will never make it in Cirque du Soleil!
A group of brothers who are losers who are burned out and burning her out along with them; a daffy young self-victimized clerk who won't file because she doesn't like to and is late everyday and is always on the phone. My girl needs a vacation, a raise and a whole lot of respect!!!
Babe, you got it from here!!!

I can't drink wine, it's too late for coffee so I guess I'll watch Jay Leno and play Solitaire and try to calm myself down. Hmmmmmm.....think I'll go crawl in my shell and call it a night.


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