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Monday, January 01, 2007

Patterns on the Water

As the wind ripples still waters, so are my thoughts tonight, January 1st, 2007. Last year began with a wonderful day of rain, cleansing the air. Today, the weather was uneventful, with a forecast of fog overnight. But my thoughts for the new year are muddled...there's so much at stake this year. Number one, where will we be living?

I have always loved the feeling of slicing through the water into a pool although I've never been a good diver. Feeling the water surrounding you, refreshing you, then releasing you into the oxygenated air as your lungs begin to yearn for relief is so exhilarating. Even standing in a shower is a ritual as the water cleanses your skin and helps ease tense muscles. It's no wonder God requires the covenant of baptism. Standing in the middle of a sandstorm just doesn't hold the same symbolism as the cleansing of water.

Even though my thoughts are not clear tonight and I have such an awful tendency to fret, the photo above is still beautiful and shows promise. The light shining on the water and the patterns it forms as it swirls about is full of mystery and power.

I choose not to make idle resolutions but to work on viewing my thoughts this year as showing promise. I'm not using the sub-title "Echoes" this year. Although I still need to work on things from my past to heal the present, I want to have a vision of HOPE.

May His face shine upon you and bring you peace...

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