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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thirteen Things About My Life

Thirteen Things
1. My cousin is my best friend in the whole world!
2. I believe global warming is a lot of hype.
3. I think I just lost a whole lot of readers.
4. I have a sarcastic sense of humor and try
to keep it under control so I'm not misunderstood.
5. I think people who hurt children should be locked
away permanently.
6. I do not think I should have to "Press 1 for English."
7. I'm fed up with politicians on both sides of the fence.
8. This election cycle has begun way too far in advance.
I'm sick of it already and am tuning out.
9. I do not believe that Britney Spears or
Anna Nicole should be the lead-in news story.
10. Our nation's children do not have enough discipline,
are spoiled and catered to.
11. I love my husband and am so blessed to have
him in my life!
12. I love my country and am not ashamed to admit it!
It may not be perfect but it's the best form of government
in the world. I'm sick of the USA bashers.
13. My health may not be the best but I'm blessed
that I was not given a terminal diagnosis. I need to
embrace my weaknesses and stive to turn them into
my strengths. We are not guaranteed tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

Well I am curious about #3 and why you think that?? Now about those undisciplined children....funny you should say that...this week' conversations has swirled around that very topic...I filled in for antoher professor this week and I was absolutely stunned by the behaviors presented by the students...and it all traces to what I was trying to find words for and you so succintly put..our children today are undisciplined and definitely catered to...if people don't believe that than they didn't hear the horror stories I just heard yesterday afternoon from a 2d grade teacher about all the things she cannot do in her own classroom to maintain a productive learning environment. As a college professor it saddens me that I cannot allow my students the freedoms that come with going to college....I take are counted absent if you are late or leave class early....I accept no excuses for missing assignments...all because they cannot handle the freedoms due to living lives with no discipline. There has to be accountability...Can you tell this is my soap box????

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

ag: wonderful tt honey! loved it all!!! america: love it or leave it.

smiles, bee

Stine said...

I like you!

Sarge Charlie said...

I understand why you believe #3, cause there is a bunch of people that believe differently, they have accepted the hype, they are wrong but they do think that way.....
I like you list, you spiked my interest with #13, best wishes from the right side of the country.
#12. Too bad more Americans do not feel the way you do, so many are looking for something wrong while the miss the best part..............

Constance said...

Good Thursday morning Gracie ! How are you feeling ? I hope that your head feels better ! Much compassion for that pain -- it used to take throwing up for me to get rid of mine (sorry if that is t.m.i. !)
You totally don't need to apologize - a migraine incapacitates anyone !

And you sound like a kind friend indeed, Gracie, not bragging, just being one...

I agree with you on your 13 for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12 !

Cyber hugs,
Loving Annie

Mags said...

Love your list Gracie! Happy TT!

Mo and The Purries said...

I love it that you voice your opinions, and aren't afraid to say you don't buy into all they hype of global warming.
I love your TT and agree with many, but I especially agree with the fact that it's YOUR TT and in your blogocracy, you get to say what you want!
cheers my sweet!
Hope you're headache-free today!


Queenie said...

A very positive 13 , just like you.

Barb said...

Oh my gosh.. I agree with so many of the things you said!!! (I don't know your cousin, though.) I didn't do a TT today.

Desert Songbird said...

I'm very much with you on 6, 7, 8, and 9. And those spoiled kids? They do NOT live in my house, thank you very much. I rule my kids with lots of love, affection, and discipline. No whiners allowed, and abosolutely NO ENTITLEMENTS. PERIOD.

Love the USofA - warts and all. So proud my parents sacrificed so much to ensure that I would be born here. And, I proudly declare (again) that they came to this country LEGALLY.

Sandee said...

Amazing Gracie, I'm not participating, but I visit your site daily (I will continue to be one of your readers). I don't know your cousin, but get what you are saying. The other 12 things I am with you 100%. Great job. Thanks for sharing you with all of us. Have a great TT and bless you dear one.

Ron Simpson said...

hello! good 13. check out mine.

Travis Cody said...

#3 isn't necessarily so. We're all grown ups here. We can agree to disagree, and do so agreeably.

A difference of opinion doesn't mean we have to hate or denigrate the opposite opinion. It takes all of us to make our democracy work.

Perhaps if we were listening to each other more, we would find that there is common ground in our differences.


Unknown said...

Gracie - that´s what I call a fantastic TT! Thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to get to know you better!

Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

I am also curious about WHY you think you are losing your readers..guess you are going to have to address that. I agree with every one of your TT's today!! They are on my list(if I had a list that is). I stopped doing TT's because I had a time trying to come up with 13 of anything!! Now I just do Thankful Thursday (which is up if You want to come and see)...You are so right on so many of opinion anyway..Sandy

Linda said...

What a fantastic list! I especially applaud you for #8 and am with you on that one!

Actually, I'm with you on ALL of these except for #3 because I don't think you lost a single person and as for #1, I'm sure your cousin is a wonderful best friend and isn't it great to have one?

Dean aka Sgt Dub said...

an excellent TT Grace. I will have to agree with just about all of it, I don't agree with number 3 either.

withthanksgiving said...

I like your TT and I agree. America!!!

my blog is at

Lynne said...

I am the cousin who is her best friend, but it is so much more. MY COUSIN is not only my best friend, but my confidant, my sister in all ways, my support in all things, and most of all the only person in my life with whom I feel safe to share my heart, my soul, my fears and my joys. She is precious to me. She is my "Safe Place" as I am hers. We are bonded together for as long as we have left on this earth. She is the joy of my existence. Even though we are at opposite ends of the spectrum in some political & theological ideologies, there remains respect and non-condemnation...only the love that will hold us together forever.